Monday, May 12, 2014

Printed Jeans | Flower Power

Consider this bandwagon jumped on. I've been admiring the style for awhile now--from a distance--wondering if I could pull it off. Am I the only one who does this? I think something looks awesome on someone else, but question whether I'm capable of making it look equally (or even half as) good. I guess that's why this blogging thing has been good for me. It's pushing me out of my comfort zone. I finally found myself a pair of printed jeans that I like, and the best part? They are very comfortable. Like, yoga pants status. I decided to pair them with a simple button up and neutral, gold and bronze accessories. Whenever I wear something really... loud... I always try to combine it with something much more neutral. Softer. I suppose it's my way of maintaining some conservatism, even in the midst of making a fashion statement.

The second best thing about these pants? They were cheap--ridiculously so. Oh how I love myself a good deal! I was recently contacted by Credit Card Insider who is doing a campaign called Splurge vs. Save to try and spread the word about spending responsibly. I feel like my floral pants are a great example of their message in action. I've had my eye on this pair of Sevens for All Mankind for $198. I found the ones I'm wearing at a local thrift store, tags and all for the very nice price of $8. Splurge vs. Save? I choose save. Definitely save.

It's funny how, for me, finding a good deal elicits a feeling of pride. Anyone else feel this way? Are there any deals you've found recently that you're particularly proud of?

Oh and by the way, happy Monday! 
I hope you get this week off to an amazing start! 

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  1. Those wedges are so cool! And yes, floral pants has been a trend I've admired but haven't been brave enough to try. Good job being brave, you look great!


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