Friday, May 16, 2014

Five on Friday | Things I am Loving (Wanting) for My Little Miss

Clothes for baby girls are particularly dangerous. DANGEROUS (yes, italicized, bolded, and capitalized)! One could easily break the bank at say... Baby Gap. The denim dress above attests to this. Or Michael Kors? For toddlers? Who knew? Probably a lot of people, but I just learned about it and fell in love with these tiny golden gladiators. It's almost like they want us to spend all our money. Oh wait... 

Good thing I have self-restraint. Good thing my husband has self-restraint, which influences me. Although I try to be good (by basically avoiding Pinterest as much as possible) I do want to get her a floral crown in the near future. I love this look, and seeing it on my little Klair would bring me enough joy for me to justify it. Also, although it isn't necessary or really practical, if I find a good deal on a purse like the one shown above I will buy it. Klair loves my purses so very much, and she would adore one of her own (and I would adore watching her carry it around). I'm a sucker for that girl. 

What baby/toddler items are you eyeing right now? Wait, maybe you shouldn't answer that. My wish list is already big enough... 

Happy Friday!


  1. These are all super cute. I love the sunglasses. My daughter is finally big enough to wear Forever 21 clothes and I cannot wait to take her in there and have a field day.

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