Monday, May 5, 2014

"It Feels Like one of Those Nights to Dress up Like Hipsters..."

Yep, I listen to Taylor Swift. I give the girl mad props for her wildly successful career and the fact that she manages her own affairs. It makes the feminist in me smile. Plus, her songs are kind of annoyingly catchy...and fun to sing along to. The type that get stuck in your head when you're getting ready for a date night with your husband and realize that the outfit you've put together, paired with your big plastic glasses looks sort of...well, hipster. I wanted to try out the "mixing print" trend, so I wore this rather loud, statement piece of a dress with a subtle, polka-dot peter pan collar. I then paired this combo with leggings, black booties, and big old glasses and I was ready for a night out. 

A few weeks ago Sam and I decided to start planning weekly dates for each other (a fact that I discussed at length here). I coordinated the first with a long boarding adventure night, we took a week off to use our weekly babysit to have a celebratory dinner with my best friend who just got engaged, and then it was Sam's turn to plan. He took me to a concert--something I'm very fond of.  His good friend (singer of the amazing band Ayin) was playing a benefit show for a family who lost their husband/father, so we kicked the night off there with some good friends. Then, we took advantage of the beautiful spring weather and walked around the city--arm in arm and taking it all in. Our last activity involved frozen yogurt.  I was one happy girl. 

I'm really glad that we are taking time to get a babysitter and spending some one on one time together. It definitely takes more effort, but it's also definitely worth it!

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  1. I really love the mixed prints in this outfit! It's fun!

  2. I love the weekly date night idea :) good for you guys!! You look adorable.


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