Thursday, May 29, 2014

Klair Marie is 18 months! | The Photo Shoot

Exactly 1.5 years ago today I held the most precious, perfect child in my arms for the first time. Born wide-eyed and smiling, when our eyes met for the first time my heart stopped, my breathing ceased--and I've never been the same. My capacity for joy, sadness, anxiety, contentment...basically my ability to feel was magnified exponentially. I became both stronger and more vulnerable than ever. And, in a year and a half, I've learned more about life, love, and eternity than I managed to in the (almost) 24 years before her. She is my greatest teacher. She is God's love unfeigned. 

Because we consider her to be our princess and angel, dressing her this way seemed appropriate. I'm one lucky mama. And a lucky wife! Sam captured all of these moments. I think he's pretty talented, and it was so sweet to see the love in his eyes as he photographed his baby girl. 

I wanted to post this pictures as soon as possible because I couldn't wait to share them, but I do have an update post in the works complete with some videos of baby girl's current "Klairisms" (as I like to call them). She is so smart and funny these days, I feel like video is the only way to accurately capture her ever-evolving personality. I'll hopefully have that posted by tomorrow. 

In the mean time here are some of my favorites from the photo shoot. 

The face she pulls when we ask her to say "cheese:" 
The face she pulled after she finally managed to pull her headband off 
(a feat she had been attempting throughout the shoot): 
Happy half birthday Miss Marie! 


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