Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Baby Product Review #4 | Soothe Shirt

7 21 8 For my 4th installment of my baby product review series I have a fantastic piece of clothing that elicits a "That makes so much sense!" and "Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?" reaction out of anyone who sees it. It's simple, but brilliant. Most importantly it's ridiculously convenient.

The product is called the Soothe Shirt. It is made by Lalabu and it produces what it's name promises--it really does sooth (or soothe for the Canadian/English lot) your baby and makes life so easy with a newborn. This cute tank allows you to easily slide your baby into a discreet pouch for increased closeness and carrying ease.

The concept is simple--even natural. It mimics the womb, and allows you to effortlessly keep your baby close and happy. Unlike carriers however you don't have to tote anything extra around.  Simply get dressed, grab your baby, and go.

This product is ideal for the newborn stage. Obviously I'm a bit late in posting these pictures (thanks moving and life craziness) but Grayson absolutely loved it and it served us well for his first few months of life. Looking at these pictures of him is making me all nostalgic and kind of sad, but I take comfort knowing that I was able to savor every precious newborn moment possible by keeping him close with products like this.

If you're interested in the Soothe Shirt for yourself or a mama in your life here's the info you need. Click away! :)


  1. Soothe Shirt is the best for a baby. Thanks for your review.

  2. Thanks for such a good and important review of soothe shirts especially design for babies through which we parents are able to carry our baby while moving outside. This is the best way to carry our baby with safe and secure posture and I am sure it gives them a sweet pleasure.

  3. Autumn Klair -

    I have become a raving fan of your work! Your voice is perfect, clear, and unique. I feel like we have been friends for years when I read your writing. And your photos - STUNNING! You and your baby are beautiful and your photography makes me feel like I'm flipping through a magazine. LOVE!

    I've included your review on my Soothe Shirt Review Roundup. Check it out here: http://kiddokorner.com/blog/what-s-the-buzz-a-lalabu-soothe-shirt-review-roundup.html.

    I can't wait to check out all of your posts. You were made for this. Keep giving the world your amazing gifts!

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