Thursday, May 15, 2014

Plaid, Pearls, and Polka Dots | Mom and Daughter Style

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Mixing prints is a popular trend right now, thus Klair and I proudly present a plaid and polka dot combo... with some pearls for good measure. The necklace also doubles as a toy/baby distraction (as do the bracelets seen in the photo above) which is kind of awesome. Because, when you're a mom trying to get your toddler through a church meeting (or any other social function for that matter) you have to think of these things. Fashion AND function... the two don't have to be mutually exclusive. For instance, take this eShakti skirt I scored for $5 at a fashion blogger consignment sale. It has pockets! These days, having pockets is not only nice, it's necessary. And, with the fullness of the skirt, the possibility of mom goods I can stash away makes for one happy mama.

This photo shoot was actually done a few Sundays back on a cool, rainy day. And, although our outfit colors aren't exactly "springy" in the traditional sense, I do think that Klair's little red dress really pops against the just after rain greenness of our yard, don't you? I love that little dress. In fact, I think red might be my very favorite color on Klair... something I  believe has rubbed off on her. She is obsessed with her little red Mary Jane shoes, and wants to wear them all the time, every time. They're actually the first shoes she successfully put on by herself--and on the correct feet too! Since that accomplishment she has found a new passion for putting shoes on, taking them off, and putting them on again. Her footwear obsession is both exciting and a little scary. Have I created a shoe lover/monster already? Kids really are impressionable, aren't they?

I hope you have a happy Thursday! I for one am excited for the rest of the week. Sam has been out of town since Friday and is finally home. So yes, he missed out on Mother's Day. Luckily I had the cutest girl in the world to keep me company, but I definitely missed him (he did spoil me with presents though, so I can't complain). Sam got in late last night, but was pretty tired. I can't wait to have him home and hang out with him tonight after work. Although Klair keeps me very busy while he is away, I always miss him terribly. That's the problem with fiercely loving your husband. Being apart sucks. Although, I suppose it's a good problem to have...


  1. that polka dot dress is adorable!!

  2. Hi Autumn! Found your blog through For Lauren and Lauren. So all your gorg photography of you and your girl.


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