Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weekend Adventures & Photography Overload

This past weekend was very busy, yet very fun. First off on Friday night we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday with a family bowling night. In the process we discovered that Klair is actually quite the proficient bowler. She takes after her dad in that regard (I'm terrible). As soon as Klair saw all the colorful bowling balls stacked neatly throughout the facility she cried out "BALL!" and "WOW!" repeatedly. She tried desperately to lift the bowling balls, and couldn't understand why they were so heavy. We helped her lift her ball onto the bowling ramp and she gave it a little push. That girl got several strikes (always on her dad's turn of course)! We also played some arcade games with her. She was more fascinated by the lights, colors, and sounds than anything else, but she had a blast. Even though baby girl stayed up past her bed time that night, it was well worth it.

Saturday morning Sam had an appointment for a haircut in Salt Lake, so Klair and I tagged along and we made a day of it. We got breakfast, walked around the Sugar House area, and enjoyed the sublime weather. It was a perfect day.That night we went to my in-laws for a early Mother's Day celebration, ate way too much food, and enjoyed being around family. 

Also, our furniture arrived this weekend! We just finished furnishing our basement and we're currently redoing the upstairs too. Even though we still have a lot to do, I am in love with how it is all turning out. Redecorating post to come soon. 

Sunday we had a barbecue with my side of the family, and I had fun playing "Ring Around the Rosie"  with my toddler and her cousins on their trampoline. She's a bit demanding/controlling when it comes to that game.  If she wants to play she'll grab your hands while spouting off rapid fire gibberish in what I assume can be translated as "you will play with me." There's no telling her no. 

After the barbecue we took Klair to a nearby park/farm/pond to get rid of a bunch of stale old bread I had been saving for some lucky ducks. I have the hardest time throwing food away. I feel awful and ungrateful whenever I realize we didn't eat something fast enough and it went bad. Thus, in an effort to soothe my conscience, I always keep a running supply of stale bread for ducks. We had plenty to use on Sunday.

Klair loved feeding the ducks, and I took advantage of the opportunity to practice my photography skills. I snapped all of the photos of Klair and Sam, and I couldn't have asked for a cuter model duo. Those two melt my heart. 

Sam also took a few photos of Klair and me. I'm partial to the one where Klair kissed me. She was giggling so much because of the ducks. We both were. We looked at each other, laughed, and she gave me a big old kiss. I love her spontaneous bursts of affection. She is the sweetest babe. 

Here is a video that Sam captured of us feeding ducks. Klair thought the whole process was particularly hilarious. She was especially amused by my fear of the ducks getting too close. 
After feeding ducks we wandered around the park/farm some more and showed Klair a number of farm animals. She is very familiar with them in her books, but it was really neat to see her eyes light up with recognition as she saw them in real life. They're certainly smellier in person than they are on paper, but Klair enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Overall this past weekend was too fun, and I was sad to see it end. It was amazing to spend time with so many of our loved ones. Right now it's safe to say that I am #feeling blessed!  

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  1. Sweet pictures, love the kissing one, too!! And waverly is demanding, too - those toddlers! ;)

  2. She's quite the photogenic little girl, isn't she?

  3. as usual, your little family is the most adorable. :) xoxo

  4. Love these colorful stripes! You have an adorable family!! Thank you for linking up with What She Wears, hope to see you next month!


  5. Awe, these pictures are so sweet! Klair is adorable, and you look gorgeous with your bright lips and striped top;) Thanks for linking up with What She Wears, friend!


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