Monday, May 19, 2014

Date Night Style | Jewels and Gold

When I was younger I used to look forward to the days that I could forgo makeup, forget my hair, and stay in my pajamas all day. Working full-time, going to school full-time, dating, and juggling the demands of family, friends, and church left me with little time to be undone. I always had to be made up. Now, as a mom of a toddler, the tables have turned. I look forward to any excuse to get ready. Applying eye shadow (something I rarely have time for), curling my hair, donning heels--the occasions that demand these tasks are so few and far between that I've learned to relish them.

Our weekly date night is one such occasion that I can rely on for some relief from my typical mom attire (jeggings/yoga pants/t-shirts). Although I'm well aware that my appearance does not define my worth and is only a small part of my identity, I love feeling done up and polished.

This outfit was particularly fun for me.The neutral tones are jazzed up a bit with the jeweled shoulder, subtle printed jeans, and a pop of gold on the stilettos. The blouse seemed to me to have a vintage vibe, so I paired it with retro side-swept hair, red lips, and a clutch to complete the effect.

Do you get excited for any excuse to dress up? Or are you in a place in life where a casual day is a nice reprieve?

Blouse (similar here & here) | Jeans (similar here) | Pumps | Earrings | Clutch 


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