Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Red, White, and Chambray Memorial Day Continued | Klair Bear Style

As promised, here are the pictures we took of Klair yesterday in her holiday attire. In addition to remembering all of the fallen heroes who died serving our country, Memorial Day is one that reminds us of our own family members who have gone before. The most prominent in my mind is always the person who Klair is named after--my dad. Rather than dwell on his loss and spend the day in sadness, we chose to remember him by enjoying our little family, and especially his granddaughter who shares the same name. She is the promised morning light that comes after a long, dark night of sorrow. She brings new life to my dad's name and memory. She is all of his good qualities, a symbol of hope, and a reminder that families really can be together forever. Plus, she just looks so darn cute in her little dress and bow, how could we resist from taking 10,000 photos?

We set out to simply enjoy the day as a family. Sam has been travelling a lot for work lately, so a weekday spent together was a much needed reprieve. We played outside, took baby girl shopping with us, and even took a nap together. Our next door neighbors have a cat that loves to come hang out with us while we are in the yard, and is surprisingly fond of Klair. I don't know of many cats that would seek out a toddler, but Klair is really gentle with the little kitty and it's fun to see the bond the two have formed. In the evening we had some friends over for a barbecue, and we ate out on the deck and enjoyed the perfect weather. They brought their pup along, and Klair was thrilled to walk him around the yard. Between the cat and the dog, Klair Bear was in heaven. It was a simple, wonderful holiday. I'm convinced my dad was all smiles yesterday as he watched his namesake romp around and enjoy the beautiful day with her parents--as he watched us enjoy life.

Dress: Carter's | Bow: Homemade (Tutorial Here) | Shoes: Target | Sunnies: Carter's (Similar Here)


  1. This is adorable!! Little girls in jean dresses has got to be the cutest thing ever!

  2. Such a sweet day. I loved not having any distractions. I loved reading the sweet words about your dad. I'm sure he was all smiles!

  3. Awwwww..hey cutie pie.lots of love klair..you such a Doll.


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