Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let Them Be Little

"I can remember when you fit in the palm of my hand.
Felt so good in it, no bigger than a minute.
How it amazes me, you're changing with every blink.
Faster than a flower blooms they grow up all too soon.

I've never felt so much in one little tender touch.
I live for those kisses, prayers and your wishes,
Now that you're teaching me things only a child can see.
Every night while we're on our knees all I ask is please--

Let them be little 'cause they're only that way for a while.
Give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day.
Let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle.
Oh just let them be little.

So innocent, a precious soul, you turn around--
it's time to let them go.

So let them be little 'cause they're only that way for a while.
Give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day.
Let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle.
Oh just let them be little.
Let them be little."
-Billy Dean 

These pictures were taken a few days ago. I was still feeling a little under the weather from my July cold, so we spent the day at home. My little ever-happy-ray-of-sunshine found immense joy in a bundle of plastic straws I gave her. Sam started snapping some photos of us--she thought it was particularly hilarious to shove them in my mouth. She and I have so much fun together, and it's really fun to see some candid photos of us playing and laughing. 

As the day pressed on, I felt an increasing amount of cabin fever. Thus, we ventured outside despite feeling a little under the weather. I needed to get out of the house, breathe some fresh air, and watch Klair enjoy the world around her. We went to a nearby park, and Sam took more photos of us playing. Usually, when he takes my photo, I dress for the occasion. This was not one of those times. Yet, despite my lack of makeup, my t-shirt, and Klair's unkempt, messy hair--I love them. I even like the ones of me laughing! This is a huge triumph for me. A year ago, I probably would have begged Sam to delete these photos. He would have protested, and we would have (angrily) settled on keeping them, but never letting them see the light of day. Now, I look at these photos and see the beauty of love between a mother and daughter. Nothing else matters. 

Recently my sister asked my husband to design the quote below. She saw it somewhere, fell in love, and wanted to hang it in her house. Being the awesome designer that he is, Sam quickly threw it together. We are going to frame it, and give it to her for her birthday. I really like the message of it. It's a good reminder to appreciate what I have right now. It's easy to get caught up in the frustrations that inevitably come with raising a toddler--to focus on the negative, to lose my patience. Yet, in the end, all of my mommy woes are good "problems" to have. I am grateful for the frustrations, because it means that I have the blessing of being a mother--something that is denied to so many. I get to experience life, love, and happiness to the fullest.The good, the bad--it's all just part of the experience--a journey that I'm infinitely grateful for. And, I know that someday I will miss reading "Ten Little Ladybugs" ten thousand times in a row. My living room will feel empty without toys strewn across it. My soul will long for the sleepless nights spent holding my baby girl. 
These are words to live by. 


  1. how gorgeous is that first picture? and i love the one of the two of you and the straws :)

  2. These photos are absolutely GORGEOUS!!

  3. Beautiful! I found your blog via He & I and I'm 90% positive that we used to be in the same ward in Riverton (my mom was the young women's leader for quite a while). Anyway, I love that your photos are so candid!

  4. she's adorable! love this post. I found your blog through the facebook "utah chic bloggers"

  5. She is adorable! I have baby fever B-A-D! I'm living vicariously through everyone's baby photos lol. New to the blogger world. Would love any feedback I can get :)



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