Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Style & Life Lately

July has not been my month. Although we've had some fun adventures, the last few weeks have been riddled with sickness. At the beginning of the month Klair had a cough, but she managed to kick it pretty quickly and I thought perhaps our stroke of luck was an early 4th of July present from the universe. I was wrong. On the 3rd, just as Klair was getting better, I began to feel the beginnings of a cold. I started out the day feeling a little off, and bit by bit the symptoms grew increasingly worrisome... fatigue, headache, dizziness, and then... the dreaded sore throat. Airborne didn't keep this catastrophe at bay. What began over two weeks ago now is still lingering. I actually thought I was over it last week, but our Bear Lake trip proved to be too much for my immune system. I guess water skiing and recovering from a cold aren't compatible. My punishment for over-extending myself was a weekend spent in bed. Today I awoke feeling pretty good. I thought maybe, just maybe the heavens were finally smiling down upon me. And then Klair woke up with a nose that was running like a faucet. We're back to square one. And to top it off my husband says he feels like he might be getting sick. Am I missing something? Isn't it supposed to be... summer right now? I feel like we are smack dab in the middle of cold season again. 

Thus, I apologize for the lack of posting as of late. These photos were actually taken awhile ago, and I'm grateful to have them at my disposal. I'm thinking the yellow hue of this top was waiting for a gloomy day like this to make a bright, summery appearance. 

This bow-back blouse featured came from Loopsway. Not too long ago I did another product review for this lovely company that you can see here. Loopsway is a fab online boutique that sells both jewelry and clothing at affordable prices. Check them out. I'm in love with everything on their site!


Here's to hoping that the second half of July proves to be kinder and that my family can start feeling better sooner rather than later. In the mean time, I'll probably just head on over to the Loopsway website and create a wishlist of all their beautiful, heart-warming, happiness-inducing products.  

Blouse (not currently on Loopsway site, similar Here, Here and cheaper Here) | Wedges | Jeans | Watch


  1. I'm so sorry you're feeling sick! I hope everything clears up soon

    on the bright side - you look darling in that top..I love the bow!

  2. Love that shirt! Hope you get feeling better!

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