Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Swim Wear | Floppy Hat and a Kimono Cover Up

Hat | Kimono Cover Up | Swim Suit (similar here and here ...oh and this one is cute too!) | Sunnies | Shoes | Necklace

Okay, Deeeep Breath: Swim Suits. I have never been particularly fond of seeing myself in one, so it is with some hesitation that I post these photos. I don't think I'm alone in this regard. I'm convinced that every year dread and self-loathing wash over the female population at large as the spring season ushers in the appearance of swimming apparel on the racks of our favorite clothing stores. And, although I am a member of this group--a victim of my own distorted views based on societal insistence that we strive towards an unattainable ideal of perfection--I don't want to be. With the advent of swimsuit seasons past I would have hit the gym and the tanning beds hard. And, no matter how tanned, or toned I became I found that I was never satisfied with my appearance. Now that I'm older (and attempting to be) wiser, I'm trying really really hard to be comfortable in my own skin. I'm waging a war against my own insecurities. It's an ongoing battle, one that requires vigilance in positivity. Blogging about fashion has helped me to be both more and less confident... depending on the day. Essentially it comes down to what I choose to focus on, and how often I give in to comparing myself to others. Today, I am choosing to focus on the fact that I am healthy. I eat well, exercise often, and try to live a healthy lifestyle--the body that I have is the result, and I'm happy with it. It's enough. Today I'm embracing my white skin, my curves, and my own unique beauty. I'm also showing a fun way to feel both fashionable and modest at the beach/poolside, and hopefully inspiring others to love themselves a little more.

Alright, rant over. Now I can talk about the fun hat and kimono that I found! I have loved the floppy hat style for awhile now, but every time I tried one on it just... didn't... work. I was so happy when I discovered this one right before we left for Lake Powell where the summer sun is hot and relentless. I went for a quick trip to Forever 21, and was pleasantly surprised to find it. And the best part? It was ridiculously inexpensive. Click here to see for yourself.

In that same quick shopping venture I also found this kimono. I've been a really big fan of the kimonos that have flooded the fashion world as of late. I think they are so elegant, and felt that this light-weight, floral pattern made for the perfect cover up while I wasn't swimming and enjoying the water. It was also inexpensive as you can see here.

What do you ladies think? Are you comfortable in a swim suit? What do you do to build yourself up in a world that always seems to be trying to tear women down?


  1. autumn you look slammin in a swimsuit, first of all--you don't have a thing to be self conscious about! and you pull off the hat flawlessly.

    one of the things i do when i start to beat myself up about my body, is focus on my health and strength. i may not be a size 2, but i can squat a lot of weight! i can run hard and fast, i can hike and swim and not be tired. in your case, your body is strong because you gave birth to a sweet little girl! our bodies are so beautiful and are capable of so much--we just need to accept that they are all different, and do the best to take care of ours. :) thanks for sharing this. xoxo

  2. I think you hit it right on with how blogging can make you feel more or less confident depending on the day -- I've really relied on exercise to help me feel confident (realistically I'm the same weight before and after a workout - but I always feel stronger, smaller, and more fit) ... its been a rough first trimester for me which means lots of couch sitting, blog reading, and virtually no exercise. I'm hoping that the second trimester allows for a little more of that and that either way, I can decide to be as comfortable in a swim suit as you :)

  3. I love your swim suit! I've been looking for something similar for a while now, I want it to be bright, floral and more like a one piece or with a high waist. If I keep searching a bit longer I can just put it off till the next summer hahah

  4. Not fond of seeing yourself in one? You look amazing. Honestly if I looked as good as you I'd probably be shopping at the swim shop 24/7 for new swim suits.

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