Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ASOS Style & Albion Basin

Sam is going to take some engagement photos in a few weeks, and we've been scouting for good areas to shoot at. I say we because although he is the photographer of the family, I'm his assistant. This might sound like an easy gig, but I assure you it is not. It's a workout with Klair. Luckily though the engagement shoot should prove to be an easier job than I'm used to since, you know, we won't be taking pictures of a toddler for a change. I doubt there will be much running involved, and I can leave my crazy noises/funny faces/talent for eliciting laughter via peek-a-boo at home. Following the advice of a good friend, we headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Albion Basin a few nights ago. It's a beautiful area just above Snowbird and Alta ski resorts. I've driven up this canyon plenty of times in my Utahn life, but I had never driven this far. Once you get high enough, the pavement ends and a dirt road begins. This is where it really starts to get pretty, and where we decided to take the photos above. Wouldn't an engagement shoot in this location look absolutely stunning?? I'm in love. I can't wait to see what Sam produces.

Featured in the photos is a skirt and necklace that I bought online from ASOS which you can see here and here. The necklace is a layered locket. It's too small to put a picture in, so I had Klair kiss the inside instead. I've been wearing it non-stop since.

FYI both the skirt and necklace are on sale right now. Also, in case anyone is wondering, my headband came from a local boutique, but there is a similar one here.

If you love ASOS as much as I do, make sure to enter the giveaway below. It's running for only one more day, so don't put it off. They are having killer sales right now, so it's definitely a good time to win some free money towards their merch! Additionally, the giveaway will give you an awesome Style Lately tee of your choice and ad space on some awesome blogs. Win, win, win.

Also, this post wouldn't be complete without bragging about the last two photos. You see, I took them. That's right, me! I'm kind of proud because they just might be my favorite photos of Klair and her "dada" ever. And, even though Sam configured all the settings and set it all up, I'm the one who clicked the button. That's gotta count for something, right? I'd say so.

Happy hump day! And good luck with the giveaway :)
Sincerely yours,  


  1. You look so pretty!! I reeeeally want to win this giveaway, gahhh.

  2. Oh my goodness.. You are gorgeous Autumn!! Love these pictures, they are just wonderful.

  3. I love your headband! And the muted rosy color of your skirt is just so elegant!

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