Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Popcorn Popping

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Does anyone else know that song? Or is it a local Utah thing? Because I grew up here and continue to live in the Beehive State I'm always curious about certain songs and traditions--which ones are more widespread, and which are our own local quirks. Because let's be honest--we're pretty quirky. Regardless, Klair loves the "popcorn song" as she calls it, and every time we see a tree with big white blossoms she yells out "look mommy, popcorn trees!" and then proceeds to sing me the little tune. I'm not sure I've ever appreciated spring as much as I do now.

In pregnancy news I'm now 38 weeks (well, tomorrow... close enough) and things are... interesting. With my first pregnancy, I never really had any of this pre-labor stuff. With the risk of over sharing, I didn't even dilate with Klair on my own--I had to be induced after her due date because I'm not sure she would have ever come. She was too content. This time around things are very different. I now understand why pregnant women waddle... I've officially entered that club. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy about the fact that things are progressing naturally and I might not have to wait as long this time to hold my baby. But... it's definitely a lot more uncomfortable and often downright painful to have a baby who has dropped and so many Braxton Hicks contractions. I'm just hoping that it all adds up to less time waiting.

Waiting. Waiting... that's all that I feel like I'm doing lately. I'm trying to stay busy, to distract myself, to not think about the impending delivery... but of course that's impossible. I have the constant reminder of being ridiculously pregnant. Luckily the weather has been awesome lately, so it has made it easy to get out of the house. Klair and I have been spending lots of time at parks, going on walks, and generally out and about. I've also been feeling that nesting instinct lately. Combine this with my annual desire to spring clean and... well, I think my poor husband might be sick of me with my never ending list of projects to accomplish. My anxiety over not knowing when he will come and my attempt to distract myself by staying busy has lent itself to some pretty productive days though, so that's definitely some silver lining! If this continues our house might become the most organized it's ever been.

This outfit is compliments of Pink Blush Maternity. If you don't know how much I love this company, then you haven't read my blog. They have been absolutely amazing throughout my pregnancy... and I'm excited to shop some of their non-maternity line in the very near future.

Hurry on over to their site--they're currently having a $15 flash sale you won't want to miss!

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  1. omg you belly is so big!!! i love it you look super cute, your heels are beautiful i love that you're wearing short heels, everything for the safety of the baby. are you excited?
    The Color Palette

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