Thursday, March 26, 2015

37 Weeks | Casual Maternity Style A La Pink Blush

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Confession time: a lot of the outfits I post are a bit on the dressier side, yet this isn't what I necessarily wear on a daily basis. I think my tendency to do this is, in large part, because having a blog and creating fashion posts inspires me to get dressed up more than I normally would considering I'm a full time mama to a toddler who could care less if I have lipstick on. Let's be honest though, apart from the occasional reason to really fancy myself up (i.e. church, a date night) I'm pretty much just living in comfortable clothing--particularly as of late. Pregnancy has that effect on me. Thus, the outfit I'm styling in this post is more true to life--to what I wear on a daily basis. 

Some of my comfy/easy pregnancy go to's include:

A side braid. It's such an easy hairstyle to throw together when I don't have time. And, paired with a hat, it's basically effortless.

Comfy t-shirts. Is there anything better than a good tee? I'm particularly fond of the crochet/lace pocket embellishment on this one.

Distressed jeans. I feel like the distressed look adds a little something extra in the style department, but let's face it. They're still one of the most comfortable options around, especially because they stretch! Thank the fashion heavens for spandex.

Comfortable boots. I love the idea of flats, but I'm not fond of them on me... especially right now. I feel like I need the added height to elongate everything. It's not easy to find a heel that's comfortable enough for my pregnant feet, but these cowgirl-esque booties fit the bill.

A diaper bag. I'm still a mom to a toddler after all, so I need to have all sorts of things on hand at all times--snacks, diapers, hand sanitizer, coloring supplies to entertain at the drop of a hat--to name a few. A regular purse just can't handle it all, but this diaper bag by Lily Jade can. And the best part is that it doesn't even look like a diaper bag!

Overall, comfort is my number one consideration these days--but with that I try not to sacrifice style. Most of my outfit for this post (in fact most of my pregnancy wardrobe for that matter) comes from Pink Blush Maternity. They have so many options for us mamas-to-be... and they're constantly having great sales. If you're pregnant (and even if you're not since they have a great women's line which you can view here) you should check them out. But be warned that they are popular and their stuff sells out fast! If you like something you just have to go for it.

Also, I have to mention that yesterday I hit the 37 week mark! Baby boy and I are in the home stretch now. There are only 3 weeks until the due date... but he could grace us with his presence even sooner! I'm such a planner, so this uncertainty is killing me. The nursery is done, our bags are packed... and now we get to play the waiting game. Any advice on staying sane during this last bit? 

Pink Tee: Pink Blush Maternity | Distressed Maternity Jeans: Pink Blush Maternity | Diaper Bag: Lily Jade | Yellow Cardigan: J Crew | Tan Booties: Old Navy (similar) | Pink Beanie: H&M (similar)

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