Sunday, March 22, 2015

Maternity & Family Photo Preview | Wride Photography

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When I was younger, I used to imagine my future husband. I would come up with lists of qualities that I wanted him to have. Attributes like handsome, smart, funny, spiritual... these were always at the top. And, of course, I wanted someone who would love me deeply and convey it regularly. I also wanted someone who was great with kids and would be a good dad--but this was further down the list. It was important of course!... but it wasn't the first thing idea that came to mind.

Now that I've had kids (well, had one... one on the way) my perspective has changed. When my daughter is old enough to start daydreaming about her future soul mate I will be sure to encourage her to look for someone who will make a good father to her children. This quality should be at the top of her list--right up there with his ability to love her and to love God. If she can find someone who possesses the capacity to show love in these three most important ways--someone like her own dad--then I will rest assured knowing that she is in very good hands.

Sam is a lot of things--he fits every criteria on my arbitrary list that I probably dreamed up while I should have been listening to some teacher's lecture on geometry--but the trait I value most in him is his ability to love. Nowhere is this displayed more than in our home. He is an excellent husband, and an incredible father. My heart flutters more in the moments when he's "making a tent" with Klair out of blankets, or letting her ride around the house on his back than when he brings me flowers. Don't get me wrong, flowers are nice too... but is there anything more attractive than a man painting his daughter's fingernails a fresh coat of sparkly pink on his only day off?

As I look through these pictures, I'm incredibly grateful for the life that Sam and I have created together. In spite of all the hard times and trials, there is more joy than I knew was possible. I'm ridiculously glad that (despite my rather young age when we got married) I had enough foresight and wisdom to marry a man who always puts his family first. I feel confident and blessed beyond belief to be bringing another little baby into our home to be loved by such a fun, caring, spiritual (here goes that list again) dad.

With that emotional pregnancy rant of gratitude aside, I can't fail to mention the photos in this post. They are a preview of the photo shoot that we recently did with Jesse of Wride Photography, and I absolutely love every single one. I can't wait to get the rest! If you live in Utah (Salt Lake, Provo area) and you're looking for a professional photographer who will live up to every expectation, I couldn't recommend him more. Jesse and his wife Brittney make a dynamic duo--they're both perfectionists and everything they do is pure gold. They shoot a lot of wedding and family photography, but their talents could be used for any event you need them for.

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