Thursday, August 14, 2014

20 Months Never Looked so Good

Klair is 20 months! She's actually a few weeks older than 20 months, but I'm a slacker. Better late than never, right? These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, and they're likely my favorite of all time. Sam captured her personality so perfectly! It was windy out, and every time a gust of wind would blow by she would throw her hands in the air and run around as if she were controlling the elements. Pure, simple, unrestrained joy. I couldn't love her more if I tried.

In honor of this 20 month mark, here are some of my favorite current Klair-isms:

//She giggles when her dad comes home. She stands at the gate as he walks up the stairs and just starts smiling/laughing. 

//She calls me "mommy" now, and she is becoming quite the "mommy's girl."

//She loves to give spontaneous kisses--and often kiss-attacks our faces. 

//Her vocabulary has increased 10 fold in the last few weeks. She's been trying a lot more words, and her pronunciation has improved dramatically. Some of my favorites are "button" "diaper" "church" "basketball" and  "apple juice" because she says them perfectly. 

//She also speaks in shorts sentences like "no more apple juice." It's surreal to hear my baby communicate so effectively. 

//Today, when we were walking back from a trip to the park, she saw our house and said "home." There was something very sweet about her recognition of and excitement to be home.
//She loves to "tell secrets"--i.e. she'll come whisper jibberish in your ear when you ask her to tell you a secret.
//Furthermore, Sam started a little game with her where he asks if he can tell her a secret. She'll say "yeah" and then he'll whisper "I Love you!" in her ear and tickle her. She belly laughs every time. And, even though she knows he'll tickle her, she says yes and braces herself. Apparently she likes being tickled.
//She'll walk around the house yelling "A-AAAM!" when she can't find her dad. This one is my fault. I usually call him "dada" around her, but I yell his name when I'm calling him. She picked up on it.
//She is very neat. She absolutely hates having food on her hands, clothes, or even on her bib. I've been giving her a napkin lately while she eats, and she constantly cleans up while eating.
//She enjoys cleaning up her toys as much as taking them out. I'm okay with this. She also likes to help me sweep, vacuum, and do the dishes. I hope this isn't just a phase.
//She loves to sing-- some of her current favorites include the "Alphabet Song," "Happy Baby" ("Happy Birthday"), "Row Row Row Your Boat", and "Old McDonald."
//Her animal impressions are spot on, and her pig noise (snorting) is hilariously adorable.
//She calls herself "you" when she sees photos, looks in the mirror, etc because she's picked up on the fact that we say "you."
//She likes to sit on her mini potty and pretend to go, but she isn't too keen on sitting on it without a diaper yet.
//She loves babies, and will sing to them and bring them toys when they're around. She also likes to rock her baby dolls and sing "Rock-a-Bye Baby." I think she'll make an amazing big sister someday.
//She loves makeup, bows, jewelry, shoes, dresses, and nail polish--and can ask for each of these by name.
//She also loves cars, and could play with them for hours.
//She dances a lot. I taught her how to spin like a ballerina with her hands in the air, but she can't reach very high, so she just puts her hands on her head and turns in circles.
//She likes to sprint around yelling "run!" It's really cute, except when she does it in church.
//Speaking of church, she loves nursery. She isn't bothered at all when I leave her to play with the kids and toys.
//She is obsessed with her cousins. She often calls them by name and asks if we can see them.
//She can count to 3 on her own (she'll say one, two, three! before running back and forth) and to ten with help.
I could continue on forever. She is constantly surprising me with her intelligence and intuitiveness, making me laugh with her sense of humor, and bringing a smile to my face with her natural sweetness. I love this age, and I'm desperately in love with this girl. I can't believe I get to call her mine.


  1. Adorable! What a beautiful little girl, and she's grown so much! I love reading about your love for her, it's too sweet :)

  2. This is my favorite age!!! What a darling girl

  3. She's beautiful! I love how much energy and joy these exude.

  4. love that she thinks she's "you" ... and the wind in her hair in these pictures is great :)

  5. love that klair bear! these details about her little personality are so fun!

  6. She just look so joy-filled in this whole set of photos!!

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