Friday, August 15, 2014

Fall Preview | Anjolee Diamond Anniversary Band Review

The last week or so has been heavenly around here. Temperatures have dipped slightly to give way to moody, stormy skies. Rather than enduring the dog days I anticipated for August, I've found myself enjoying summer rainstorms and an early taste of my favorite fashion season--fall. It's just around the corner, and with the slight reprieve from heat I can't help but try on all the hats, cardigans, boots, and layers that the best time of year entails. I particularly love the abundance of floppy hats for the coming season, and this one from Forever 21 was a steal! Furthermore, their floral dresses right now are adorable and insanely inexpensive. 

Apart from the cooler weather and increased layers, another aspect that I love about my namesake season is the abundance of weddings. Love is in the crisp, autumn air. Obviously spring is a popular time to get married, but it seems to me that the fall is the next most popular time to tie the knot. The beauty of the season makes for amazing photography and highly romantic outdoor displays. My own wedding happened in the fall 5 years ago. Recently I was approached by the high end diamond jewelry manufacturer and retailer, Anjolee. They specialize in jewelry of all kinds, but their wedding and anniversary line is particularly exquisite. And the best part? Everything is customizable to the customer's exact preferences, taste, and budget. They customize by any metal type, and carat size of diamond or gemstones. This website is ideal for the bride to be, or (like myself in the near future) the happy couple celebrating an anniversary. 

The simple, antique-style diamond band that I am wearing is from their collection. I was able to choose this particular style, which mirrors my wedding bands perfectly. I also chose to have it made in white gold to match my own wedding set, and I've found myself wearing it constantly on my right hand since it arrived in the pretty little box they sent it in. They were an absolute dream to work with, and I can't praise them enough. 

Here's to the beginning of the best season, upcoming weddings and anniversaries, and many more fall fashion posts to come!



  1. I am so looking forward to fall - I love the fashion, the leaves, the snuggling up....If only winter in Canada didn't suck so much! I love fall but its bittersweet knowing that the worst season ever is coming up, haha. Love that hat!

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