Friday, August 29, 2014

Fall Preview | Guest Post with Lauren form Dressing Dallas

I am excited to have guest blogger Lauren from take over my blog today! We are both so excited that fall is just around the corner, and we're modeling some of our favorite fall fashions. 

Lauren is a fabulous lifebeauty, and personal style blogger from Texas. Her site is full of inspiration for those of us looking for more modest styles. Also, despite the distance between us, as I've gotten to know her we've discovered that we are very similar--both LDS, first time moms (she has the cutest son!) and we even discovered that we have some mutual friends. If she lived closer I'm sure we would hang out constantly.

This girl is seriously amazing, and if you don't follow her you will regret it! Also, be sure to check out her blog to see the rest of my autumn attire :) 

Hi everyone! I'm Lauren from Dressing Dallas. I'm so excited to be guest posting on Autumn's amazing blog today! 

I've been a follower of Autumn's now for a while, and I love everything about her and her blog! She has amazing style, and it's modest! I share modest fashion on my blog, so I love finding another blogger who has similar aspirations as I do! I also love reading about her life and her thoughts. She is an amazing writer, and I find myself loving every posts she shares. The more we've gotten to know each other, the more I've grown to love this girl! Seriously, she's amazing! We are so similar, and I know if we lived in the same place we'd be together all the time! 

Today we are sharing our "fall fashion preview". I am in love with fall's always been my favorite time of the year for clothing. I've always been in love with the colors, the styles, and the outerwear. This year, I plan on adding a really fun element to my fall wardrobe; sequins! I'm pretty much obsessed with sequins, and I think when you wear them the right way, it instantly glams up your outfit. I was on the hunt for the perfect sequin maxi skirt for a good year now...and when I came across this one from Nasty Gal, I just about freaked! I am a huge fan of antique gold in my wardrobe, jewelry, and this skirt was a must for my wardrobe! I love that it has a slight train to it as makes it so elegant, and it creates the perfect sillouette! I paired it with some simple flats, my favorite chambray shirt from J Crew factory, and a pearl necklace for some instant fall glam! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my style! Please stop by my blog as well! I love meeting new people!

Thanks Autumn for being so sweet and having me on your blog today!

Happy weekend ya'll!



  1. I'm so glad we did this!!! Thanks for saying all of those nice things about me! You are so sweet!!!


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