Sunday, December 1, 2013

Klair's one year pictures!

So, Klair's birthday [weekend] went off without a hitch. Everything was amazing and we had so much support from friends and family, we are feeling pretty blessed right now. I have a post in the works complete with pictures and video, but in the mean time here are her one year pictures. I have just been dying to share these with everyone!

We take a lot of her photos ourselves, but I really wanted something special for the "big one." Thus, I took Klair Bear back to the same amazing photographer that did her newborn photos--Mary Clark at DMC Studios. I could tell you all day how much I love her work, but I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

I am in love with this baby girl. 










For these last few photos I was inspired by I heart naptime and Oh Happy Day.

I made her hat, her tutu, and her cake. Oh, and the cake is gluten free! Each of these were first time DIY projects and I'm kind of proud of myself. Am I the only one who feels a bit like super mom when I make things myself?


  1. If I loved her anymore than I do my heart might crack open! She is such a blessing~

  2. Still so obsessed with these!! Love her!

  3. Still so obsessed with these!! Love her!

  4. Oh my goodness Autumn, she is perfect!! My roommate and I just squealed over these. Adorable!

  5. ohhhh man autumn. i am just in love with her. those photos are to die for. happy first, klair!!


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