Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Tree!

We actually got our Christmas tree over a week ago, but we've been sick around here and it was my birthday and, and... well, I have lots of excuses for why I haven't posted anything yet.  I actually have a few posts to catch up on, but I feel it's necessary to write at least a little something about Klair's very first [real] Christmas tree (we used our little fake one last year when she was first born because, well, we had just had a baby and going all out on a tree was the last thing on our minds). This year we decided to pull all the stops because she is old enough to appreciate things. She loves the tree :) We are having a lot of fun starting our family traditions.

We began by going to a nearby Christmas tree lot: 

Actually, truth be told, we went to several different places that sell Christmas trees--Home Depot, Walmart, another local tree lot-- before settling on this place. My husband is apparently a picky tree picker. I was happy with any tree that looked nice. He, on the other hand, had to have the perfect tree. 

Thank goodness he's so cute :)


And thank goodness Klair is such a happy baby, even in freezing, frigid weather. 

 Finally he found the tree, strapped it to the car, and we headed home. 

Ultimately, I must say that it was all worth it. 
I love the way the tree makes our house feel... and smell :)  

We are getting pretty excited around here for Christmas! 


  1. Soo pretty! We have a tree but have totally been slackin with the decorations :P
    p.s. that really is such a perfect Christmas tree!


    1. Thank you! :) Hey, at least you have a tree! We almost didn't put decorations on ours because... you know... we have a 1 year old. But surprisingly she hasn't been too interested in doing much besides looking at them.


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