Thursday, November 28, 2013

A day to be thankful.

I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my family. It was Klair's first Thanksgiving, and I think it was a great first. We woke up bright and early (thanks Klair) and spent the morning playing with our baby girl in her playroom and eating breakfast together. Can I just say that I love eating breakfast as a family? We always eat dinner together, but it's rare that we can sit down for a nice breakfast. There is something about the morning time that is so... clarifying. The day is young and uncluttered with pressures that seem to mount as time passes. Plus, Klair tends to be happiest after a long night of rest. Mornings are especially wonderful when we can spend them together without having to rush anywhere. Today was one of those mornings. With no deadlines or destinations, we ate a nice classic eggs and toast breakfast and enjoyed each other's company.

After Klair's nap we took a few family photos and headed to my sister's house. She hosted Thanksgiving for quite a few people this year, and she did a fantastic job. She had so much going on and a lot that she was responsible for, yet somehow managed to keep her cool and make everyone feel welcome. That's admirable. She even made me a personal size gluten free pumpkin pie and gluten free rolls! How thoughtful is she?

Klair spent the afternoon and evening playing with her cousins and trying a lot of new foods. She enjoyed the potatoes and surprisingly liked the cranberry sauce. She wasn't so keen on the stuffing and hummus. She also really enjoyed playing with blocks (I suppose that means we need to invest in some) and scooting around to the acclaim of her audience--which inlcluded everyone that was there. She can turn a head with her cuteness, and she knows it. My favorite part of the night was when Klair threw her roll on the floor (a trick she's been pulling a lot lately). One of my nephews happened to pass by. He stopped, picked it up, blew on it, and nonchalantly gave it back to Klair. He couldn't for the life of him understand why I wouldn't let her eat it...

On the way home from my sister's house Klair fell asleep in the car, so Sam and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. We took a nice long drive in the mountains. It was a lovely night, and a perfect way to end our evening.

Now I have to shift my focus back to party preparations. Tomorrow is Klair's actual birthday! I can't wait to celebrate with this little turkey.
Now that I think of it, exactly one year ago right now we had just checked into the hospital and they were starting to induce my labor. At this very moment Klair was getting ready to come into the world...

I'm glad I have birthday celebrations to focus on, or I'd probably just cry all weekend :) I can't believe how quickly time passes!

In the words of my daughter...

(photo credits to my talented husband)


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