Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Klair's 1st Halloween

A Halloween inspired by our favorite musical... Cats!

Ok that's not entirely true... We've never even seen the smash broadway classic. I did, however, see an adorable black cat costume for a baby girl here (thanks Pinterest!) that inspired me to create my own version for Klair (and our costumes followed). I thought that making her a kitty outfit would be fitting due to her love for our own black cat...and it was just too adorable to pass up. Plus I really wanted to make Klair her very first Halloween costume. I realize this domestic desire will become a more difficult task when she gets older and starts deciding for herself what she wants to be. Thus, I decided to take advantage of her inability to choose and picked something simple to execute. It didn't require any sewing besides a few simple hand stitches, and I feel like I was able to pull it off quite well. Scratch that, Klair is the one who really pulls it off, don't you think? 

After I finished her costume I simply found myself some ears and gathered together some black clothes from my closet. It was not my most creative costume moment, but at least I was festive enough to dress up. And, in case you were wondering, I did not force Sam to wear his costume. Instead, I spotted the awesome footy pajamas at while we were at Sam's Club and simply suggested that he could buy it and be a kitty with his girls. He hesitated due to the...feminine nature of the pajamas... but obliged once he realized they had an XXL that would fit. With a purchase of some ears his hilarious ensemble was created, and we became the most "Ausam" cat family around :) 

On Halloween we filled our day by going to the Halloween party at Sam's work, visiting family, and even doing a little trick-or-treating with Klair. Obviously she's too young to understand what is going on, but I didn't feel right about her first Halloween passing us by without at least a little door-to-door fun. Thus, we took her to a few houses on our street and showed her off to the neighbors. I'm not sure if she enjoyed holding the candy in its wrapper and examining it, or actually eating it more. I do know for a fact, however, that I enjoyed watching her take it all in. Everything is so new and exciting for her, and seeing the people she loves donning crazy attire and being handed brightly colored, edible things wasn't an exception. I look forward to many Halloweens (and other holidays for that matter) to come with this curious, adventurous, happy girl. 

Sam kept trying to get me to growl. This is my best cat face. 

My little pumpkin :)

                             So Sweet!                                                                Little Cat family.

 Klair shares. 

After all the fun we had to find an open place for her to scoot around. These are the results. Poor tutu... 


  1. what a fun idea! she is adorable!

    1. Thank you! It was so fun making her costume, but even more fun dressing her in it :)

  2. cutest baby kitty cat I'VE ever seen!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that :)

  3. Ya'lls costumes are awesome! Thanks for finding my blog and I can't wait to catch up on yours :)


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