Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Klair is walking!

I know it's late, but birthday preparations are taking precedence over sleep these days. I just finished making two batches of cupcakes, cleaning my kitchen (nothing gets cleaned when the babe is awake these days) and fluffing tissue pom-poms. It turns out that pom-poms are a bit more involved than I thought they would be. My husband passed out on the couch trying to help me. Honestly though, I'm okay with it. He is a man of many talents but creating girly party décor is apparently not one of them. I should probably follow his lead and go to sleep too. And, I fully intend to after I finish writing this; however, all the pom-pom fluffing in the world could not redeem my parenting status if I allowed this night to pass without mentioning what took place earlier:

Klair took her first steps tonight!

I should probably make it clear that she has taken plenty of steps with assistance. For months she has been conning people into endlessly walking around the house while holding their hands for support. She has also become quite adept at pulling herself up on furniture and walking around it. And, in the past week or so, she and I have been working on her ability to stand in place without any assistance. She has also at times taken a timid step...maybe even a step and a half as Sam and I have passed her back and forth between us. Despite these major steps towards taking steps (you see how I did that? I'm so clever when I'm tired) her main mode of transportation has been scooting. Until now. Tonight she randomly decided to go out on a limb (I must think I'm hilarious or something) and walk!

We were visiting my in-laws and admiring their extremely plush new carpet that they just had installed. Apparently this rather padded and currently furniture-less floor inspired extra confidence in Klair Bear. She took three very distinct steps before face planting into the carpet. I had my head turned and looked just in time to see her take the last step and a dive, but my in-laws saw it all transpire. Luckily, the carpet broke her fall and she was not phased. Gravity's attempts to stop her were rendered futile.

With the support and applause of her audience (which included her grandma, aunt, uncle, dada, and me) she continued practicing her steps by going back and forth between us. She was able to successfully complete several more rounds of multiple steps, and at one point she walked steadily from her Grandma to me (about 4 or 5 steps) without falling or leaning in to be caught. It was a wonder to behold. She has been so content with scooting--often adamantly falling to her bum and scooting away when I've tried to practice walking with her--that I was convinced it would be awhile before she decided to walk. I stand corrected. Just a few days shy of 1 and my baby girl is walking! Does this toddling around officially make her a toddler? I'm surprisingly okay with it if it does. Even though I know this signals a pretty big change for her (and for me as a mom), I'm just too proud to feel anything other than love and excitement at this point.

Here are some videos... now of course as soon as we got the camera out she stopped doing it as well as she was before. Isn't that always how it goes with kids? C'est la vie. At least this shows a little of what she was doing and it's good for the memories of the night :) I'll post a better video of her as soon as I can get a good one.


  1. yay cute little klair! also, where did you get that tutu-skirt! it's absolutely adorable!

  2. Thank you! I bought it at JC Penney of all places. I've recently discovered that they have really cute baby clothes.


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