Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Klair's First Birthday 11•29•13

This year this birthday girl's big day coincided with what some might consider a holiday, and others a curse: Black Friday. Although we didn't think it appropriate to take her out in the wee hours of the morning and brave the gift grabbing crazies, we did get in on some of the action at a more decent hour. We left the house around 10 a.m. and found ourselves in the toy aisle. Luckily, by this time in the morning, there wasn't much of a crowd. In fact, I would venture to say that it was even less busy than usual. Apparently all of the hardcore shoppers who were out all night had gone home to catch some z's. And the best part? They restocked the shelves. Sans the door busters that only those willing to camp out ever get their hands on, I think we made out just as well as the late night/early morningers.

I can't even begin to tell you how exciting it was to shop for toys this year! I wasn't expecting it, but I had a blast. I loved looking at toys with Klair, and watching her reaction to those that demonstrate their particular abilities with the touch of a button. The colors, the sounds, the discovery of toys that I played with when I was young... it evoked in me a nostalgic sense of what it means to be a child. Klair has that effect on me. She helps me to forget all of my learned indifference toward things that are supposed to be unimportant. She helps me appreciate the world around me--even the seemingly insignificant becomes beautiful. This particular experience was nothing short of magical. She loved it all, and I think I loved it even more. ...And I think Sam loved it even more than the two of us combined. It was exhilarating. I haven't been this excited about Christmas since Santa was real.

I could have spent all day browsing through toys, but Klair gave us a curfew. Apparently babies need naps? Who knew. While we were out we found some toys for our nieces and nephews, and we bought Klair a set of lego blocks for Christmas. We also caved and bought her a toy cell phone for her birthday that she couldn't seem to part with.

She is dangerously attached to that little toy. Should I be worried?

We also got her a sucker. I saw it, and I couldn't resist. I mean, how cute is she? Plus, I felt justified by the fact that it was her birthday. This little birthday girl needed it, and I wasn't about to refuse her. 

Hmmm... does that make me a sucker for her?

She has an interesting relationship with these candies. She loves them, but they don't love her back. She somehow ends up getting completely covered in stickiness--face, hair, hands, clothing... my clothing... Yet, despite the awfulness of the awful mess, we continue to give them to her.

The look of sheer joy coupled with intense concentration is worth it.

After our Black Friday dabblings we headed home so that Klair could nap. Once she finished her beauty rest we stopped by the party store to grab a few last minute decor items and a balloon.

Klair loves balloons and her birthday just didn't feel complete without one.

Next, we took the birthday princess to Mcdonald's. I'm not a huge fan of fast food, but I also believe in moderation. Plus, there is a new Mcdonald's nearby with a great playground that even has an area for toddlers.

Cute little baby bum. I simply couldn't resist.

In a perfect world Klair's birthday wouldn't be freezing and we could take her to the park. Mcdonald's takes a close second to the ideal.

And, honestly, it was really fun watching her eat her first happy meal. Seeing her enjoy it was a lot more fun than it ever was eating my own as a child... 

and trust me, I loved my happy meals. 

Klair loved her chicken and apples (and my yogurt) and to our surprise she even drank out of a straw! That is a skill that I am particularly excited about. So many implications for increased ease of mothering.

She was so excited when she found this cute little guy in her happy meal. In her mind it must have been the box that kept on giving. 

And the slide, oh the slide. I never knew a two foot piece of plastic could make anyone so happy. I enjoyed watching her play on it immensely.

The next adventure on our agenda was to go on the giant ferris wheel at Scheel's. I was so excited to take her on the ferris wheel with her pink balloon--the image in my mind seemed too perfect to be true. Well, it was. Apparently kids need to be 36 inches to ride on it, even with an adult. And, while I understand the company's caution, it was still really lame. Luckily Scheels also has an awesome aquarium section in the store. Klair was mesmerized by the fish, so our trip to wasn't a total bust.

Cutest daddy-daughter duo ever? I think yes.

He's just so handsome when he's holding her! 

Even though Klair loves to see new places and get out, baby girl loves her home. Too much time away from it does not a happy baby make. So, although I could have stayed out all day with my little family, we decided to come home after our adventures to let Klair play and scoot around in her element. That evening we gave her her first birthday present: a giant Elmo doll that sings and hugs. She caught on to the whole unwrapping of presents thing pretty quickly. She may have enjoyed ripping that paper more than getting the present...

Klair loves her new Elmo doll. They hug. She especially likes it when he sings. She dances. It's adorable.

All in all it was a beautiful day with an even more beautiful baby girl. Sam and I enjoyed her very, very much. And, even though she doesn't understand the nuances of "birthdays," I know she enjoyed it too.

Despite my hesitations of having a toddler and down right sadness over Klair growing up, I actually loved celebrating her birthday with her. All the fun things we did with her that day just made me so excited for everything that we have ahead of us. She is fun! And, she is going to continue to grow and become more fun as time passes. Instead of feeling sad for myself that my baby is growing, I am committing myself to enjoy every bit of it.


  1. ok--you have gorgeous hair, that sweater/button up combo is to die for (i need a button up like that...where is it from?) and klair's birthday party was ADORABLE.

    1. Thanks, Kayla! You are so sweet :) My button up is from Forever 21.


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