Thursday, November 27, 2014

So Many Reasons to be Thankful | 20 Weeks!

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Yesterday I hit the halfway point in my pregnancy. I am officially 20 weeks pregnant! I figure this is the perfect opportunity to utilize the "glass half full" motto in my life. I could allow myself to be depressed by the idea that I'm only halfway through (and the thought has crossed my mind), On the other hand, I can choose to be elated that I have made it this far-- I choose the latter. After all, it is Thanksgiving. I should probably try to  express gratitude... especially on a day dedicated to the virtue.

And I am grateful! Yesterday was a profoundly beautiful reminder of what is important in life, and of how blessed I truly am. I was able to watch my baby boy move around on the ultrasound screen. I saw his tiny feet that appeared to be dancing, his perfect little hands moving as if they were waving to us. If the sight of him wasn't wonderful enough, the findings from the ultrasound were all very favorable. As far as they can tell, he is perfectly healthy--fears eased, tension dissipated. Medical technology truly is a modern marvel. And the life inside me, my son (still trying to wrap my head around that one) is a perfect little person. I love him so much already!

I'm also grateful for the increased time with my little family. Sam finished up at his (now) former job on Monday, and he is taking the week off before starting on his next grand adventure at a new company. After all the travel lately, this break from work has been a very welcome reprieve for all of us. Sam doesn't really know what to do without a phone that's constantly buzzing and ringing, but he's grateful for the change of pace. It has been soooo nice to spend so much unstructured time with my husband and our baby girl.

Today we woke up and I made chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries (whole grain with hidden chia and flax seeds for added goodness). Baby girl was particularly pleased, as you can see in the photo of her. I asked her to smile and this is what I got. Cute little cheese ball! We then took the photos in this post, lounged around, and now we're off to celebrate the holiday with my husband's side of the family--we take turns and alternate between Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families every year. Earlier this week we invited my side over for a pre-Thanksgiving feast, and we thoroughly enjoyed the company.Tomorrow I have less responsibility--all I'm contributing is some homemade rolls and a dessert, and I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with my in-laws as well.

I'm also (obviously) grateful for my beautiful baby girl. Klair absolutely adores all of our family and has loved seeing so much of them lately. She constantly goes through the list of people who love "you" (she calls herself "you") telling me that "grandma loves you, papa loves you, aunt so and so loves you, etc etc." She also randomly prays for our extended family members, taking over family prayers and loudly requesting "Heavenly Father please bless..." it's adorable, and I'm so proud. I am grateful to live close to all of our immediate family, and to have so many loved ones to share our lives with.

Did I mention the food? I'm really grateful for the impending feast. I decided on comfortable/flowy/stretchy attire for the occasion, because let's face it--I'll likely eat my weight in mashed potatoes and pie. Hey, I'm "eating for two" right? (Nevermind the 2nd person is only the size of a banana...we won't worry about such things on a day like today...)

Oh life. You are beautiful. And, when I stop to consider my blessings and the things for which I am grateful, you never cease to amaze. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I sincerely hope everyone is able to enjoy the holiday to the fullest.


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