Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Sister's Tee | Comfortable Stylish Fashion

Pregnancy is hard. That is my profound thought for the day. What's really been getting me lately (apart from the morning sickness that hasn't ended yet despite the fact that I'm well out of the normal time frame for it) is the lack of clothing that fits my body. I don't even enjoy shopping anymore, because I can guarantee that I'll hate 99.9% of everything I try on. Not just a "meh, it's alright" but I'll hate it... the way it fits, the way it feels... am I the only one who only lives in comfy pajamas and nightgowns around the house? They're all I can stand to wear. So, when I find something that I actually like wearing (and is socially appropriate for leaving home) it feels like a pretty big accomplishment.

I was recently introduced to an awesome online t-shirt company that fits both my demands--comfort first (obviously) while still being fashionable. The brand is called My Sister's Tee, and it's an online t-shirt company that was started by two sisters. They design shirts (and hoodies) with positive and stylish messages for women. Their products come in a variety of fits and colors, and they're extremely soft and comfy. I recently got the "Lover of Life" dolman style tee that I'm wearing above, and it has become a staple of my wardrobe. It works so well for pregnancy (long, flowy, stretchy, soft material) but it's not strictly a maternity shirt so it will be great afterwards too. Regardless of whether you're pregnant or not, I highly recommend checking them out!

What are some comfortable fashions that you like? I'm definitely open to suggestion!


  1. OKay, first off you look darling!! Second, Lularoe has some awesome, comfortable, fashionable stuff that I've come to love. I usually wear bigger shirts so its really been nice :)

    1. Thank you! I will definitely have to check them out!

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