Monday, November 17, 2014

Life Lately | Forest Green + Printed Leggings

Admittedly, these pictures were taken a little while ago. I don't know why I never posted them. This post has just been around, lurking in my drafts, waiting for a good moment to make an appearance. 

...Okay, that's not entirely true. I know why I didn't post them. I didn't like these pictures at first. I was barely pregnant when these were taken, and I wasn't fond of the way my belly looked. But, now that my stomach is bigger and more pronounced, I see them in a whole new light! It's funny how perspective changes with an ever growing waistline. 

What is crazy to me now is that my body already feels so foreign and I still have sooo much longer to go, and so much growth to experience! I'm a little nervous to see how big I'll get. Not because I'm worried about my size so much as I am about how uncomfortable I'll be towards the end. With Klair, I felt like I was bursting at the seams. With my short little torso (I'm only 5'2") and her long body (she was 22" at birth) she was constantly in my ribs and every organ felt completely compressed, including my lungs. Breathing was a chore.

This time around I'm well ahead of where I was with Klair at this point in terms of belly size. If that's any indication of how big he is going to be, I am in trouble. Plus, I can already feel baby boy kicking! I felt him for the first time at 17 weeks when we were in Disneyland. The first movement felt like something a third trimester baby would do...and it completely shocked me. I was in denial that it could be him, but he did it again a few nights later. Klair and I were sitting in my bed. I yawned, he moved rather abruptly, and I exclaimed "whoa!" Klair thought my spontaneous burst was hilarious. I was convinced it was him. I looked it up, and apparently the startle reflex develops at 17 weeks, and that's exactly what it felt like--one large, startled movement. I suppose the noises of Disneyland and of my yawn surprised him enough to really move. Now I can feel him constantly with his kicks and movements, and at times we can tell exactly where he is by simply pressing on my belly. 

As much as I love it... it also scares me a little. It took until 22 weeks to feel Klair... that's a 5 week difference! And his kicks... well they're already pretty strong at times. I'm almost 19 weeks... doesn't it seem a little early for that? Once again, if these things are any indication of how big he is/will be... this pregnancy could get a lot harder. Klair was 8 lbs 3 oz... and it was a rough labor and recovery. I'm not sure I can handle a bigger baby. The third trimester and labor are looming a little for me...

But, I suppose on the flip side of that, I won't be sad if I have a big, strong baby boy. Klair was a bigger baby, and it was great. Despite the fact that she was born during cold season, she never got sick and did so well as a newborn. I think here size definitely helped her case. Maybe we can compromise and he can be right around the same size as Klair. That seems fair. I already know I can handle that. That's not too much to ask for, right? 

Haha, ahh the unknowns of pregnancy. It's such a trial of faith. I just have to continue putting one foot in front of the other, and hoping for the best. I feel grateful that things have gone as well as they have, and my fears have been eased by some very powerful priesthood blessings that Sam and I have both received recently which have promised good health for our baby. 

Speaking of which,  one such blessing actually took place today when Sam was set apart to be the Elders Quorum President. It's a pretty time intensive, and demanding leadership calling within our local congregation. Although I know he will do amazingly well (he's a born leader and one of the most spiritual people I know) it's easy to feel overwhelmed by it... especially in light of the fact that he's so busy with work. He's actually thousands of miles away on a business trip as I type this.

Before he left, I was able to be present as our Stake President (a leader over a large area and a number of wards) set him apart and conferred keys of the priesthood upon him to aid him in his ministry. It was an intensely spiritual moment, and the spirit conveyed to me so strongly that Sam's calling really had come from the Lord. It's exactly what he should be doing. In the blessing, I was surprised by how much our family was mentioned--and by how much I was mentioned as well. It seems that we will be very blessed because of Sam's service, and the promise of health and happiness for our family--particularly our children--made my eyes well up with tears. Sam has given me a few blessings of comfort during my pregnancy, and through him the Lord has promised that this baby will be healthy. Today was another confirmation of that. The baby will be well. Klair will be well. Our family will be well... these are the things I pray for most, and God comforted me personally today. I love the priesthood! 

Ok wow. That was a bit of a tangent from the original post about some pictures I didn't initially like. Ah well, that's what blogging is all about right? I can write whatever in the world I want to. I think in light of Sam being gone writing this all out is proving to be a little therapeutic for me. It's good for the soul. 

In case you're wondering, below are some outfit details. 

I bought the gold and black printed leggings last year at Forever 21 for $5. They were on sale, and I instantly fell in love with the gold detail and the fact that they're map inspired. Blame it on the geography teacher inside me. I've actually received a lot of compliments on them, and one girl thought they were designer leggings. Score! The forest green sweater came from a local little boutique. I love that it is flowy without being bulky. I hate bulky sweaters. I find them so unflattering on me. I also think the color is perfect for the holiday season! Under the sweater I layered a little striped jumper dress that I've had for years. I honestly don't even remember where I got it. And last but not least the brown lace-up booties also came from a local boutique. So, although you can't buy any of these exact items, here are some similar ones I've found: 

Happy Monday! Well, as happy as a Monday can be :) 


  1. the red lips paired with the olive sweater is such a great combo - i love it!

    also, good luck to sam in the eqp. that is so exciting & he will do great! (although, i totally understand why you're overwhelmed. i've been there before. haha.)

    1. Thanks Kayla!

      And yes... overwhelming... but the good kind. Ultimately I'm just really grateful for his willingness to serve.

  2. You are stunning, and i love that green on you!!


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