Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Klairisms: The Sweetest 21 Months of Our Lives

This girl is 21 months old. Do you think I could convince her to stop growing? As much as it pains me to think that she's almost two, I'm also really excited to see her grow. She's such an amazing child, and I feel blessed to be able to watch her personality unfold. Below are some of my favorite "Klairisms" that fill our lives with more happiness than we knew was possible: 
  • She is obsessed with this little gold purse we bought her... and her shoes, and her bows, and her dresses. She tells everyone about them, including strangers. She is a girly girl in every sense of the word. 
  • She wants to ride her "bike" constantly. She inherited it from her older cousins, and she could play on it all day if we let her. 
  • On the other hand some of her favorite toys are cars, she adores her basketball hoop, and one of her new favorites is "mat man" a.k.a. the batman doll she fell in love with at the store when she saw it. Basically, little miss is breaking stereotypes and defining her own sense of self. I love this about her. 
  • She is really stubborn, in an impressive kind of way. She will refuse to eat something that she isn't interested in--even at the expense of going hungry. Or, tonight for instance, we decided to go on a family walk. We ended up walking over a mile away, and on the way back she refused to sit in her stroller. She kept insisting "I walk!" So, we let her walk, thinking she would get tired after awhile. We never imagined she would walk the entire way back, most of which is a steep incline. Impressive, stubborn child. 
  • She dislikes flies. Recently one made it's way into our house, and every time she would see it she would back away exclaiming "Nooo! No!"
  • She loves to help me cook. She often wakes up from her afternoon nap asking to "mix it mix it" because her assistance to my cooking consists of stirring things... and taste testing/snacking.
  • She loves me these days. She's going through a Mama's girl phase, and I'm okay with it. 
  • She's extremely affectionate. She'll often stop what she's doing just to come over and give us hugs and kisses. 
  • She gives the best hugs. She'll squeeze so tight her little arms shake.
  • We recently got a new bed and mattress, and she can't get enough of it. She cries every night that she wants to sleep in "Mama's bed" ...and sometimes we give in. It's kind of a problem. 
  • She randomly started saying "oh baby." I'm not sure where it came from, but it's hilarious and adorable to hear her say it. 
  • She's too smart for our own good, bordering on manipulative. Every night once she realizes it's time for bed she'll start crying, "nummy food!" which is her favorite phrase to let us know she's hungry. Knowing that we won't let her go without, we get her food and she'll eat very slowly and try to distract us/provoke us to play with her. If we force her to focus on the food and eat it, she's suddenly "all done." It's obviously a stalling tactic, but we go through it every night in the off chance she's actually hungry because neither of us can stomach the thought of forcing her to go to bed hungry. 
  • She loves to dance! As soon as she hears any music, she'll yell "dance!" and start moving around/spinning in circles no matter the setting or her audience. I signed her up for a pre-ballet class for 2-4 year olds, which she started today. Even though she isn't quite 2, they're allowing her to participate because she's so social and adept at listening. She did wonderfully today. After a few minutes she let me leave her. The studio has a wall with a window for the parents to watch through, and she would occasionally leave the group beaming ear to ear to come say hi to me. All I had to do was gesture for her to go back and she would happily trot back over to the other kids. She kept pace really well with the older girls, and when it was time to leave she cried "Dance! I stay!" She only let us leave once I assured her that we could come again. 
  • She enjoys counting and singing the alphabet so much that we'll often hear her reciting these by herself. My favorite is her version of "L M N O P" because she runs them together and it sounds more like a rapid fire "EL-EL-EL-OH-P!" 
  • She loves babies, and she's extremely gentle with them. She'll softly pat them on the head and give them kisses. She loves to rock her baby dolls, sing to them, change their diapers, and she'll even burp them. It's so sweet to see her natural inclination toward nurturing. 
  • She is sweet and sympathetic. I've been sick lately, which has resulted in us staying home more. I haven't been as active with her as I usually am. She's been really understanding. One day I was explaining to her that "mama's sick." She looked at me, stroked my hair, took my face into her hands, and gave me a kiss followed by one of her tight squeeze hugs. Sweetest. Moment. Ever!
I'm continually amazed by the amount of love and joy that Klair brings into our lives. 
We are blessed beyond belief. 


  1. that little girl gets cuter by that day - i loved hearing all about her little personality!

  2. I just love the stages when they are at the beginning of talking and putting sentences together!

  3. The sweetest!!! Love her personality!!

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