Friday, September 5, 2014

Classic Midi Dress | Rachel Laukat Photography

White Statement Necklace: Target | Floral Patterned Midi Dress: Downeast (similar) | Blue Belt: Downeast (similar) | Gray Pumps:  thrifted (similar) 

I recently had a photoshoot with Rachel of Rachel Laukat Photography. She took the photos featured in a past post of mine entitled hip & humble, and she of course took the photos you see before you in this post. I raved on and on about how wonderful she is both as a person and a photographer in my previous post, so in order to avoid being too repetitive I'll just say this:  

If you need a photographer for any reason, you should definitely contact Rachel. You won't be disappointed! 

PLUS... if you mention my name in the next week while booking you can get 10% off a portrait session!

Rachel Laukat Photography 

I loved working with Rachel, and I'm sure you will too!

That being said, I decided to do the shoot wearing this dress because it is one of my all time favorite pieces in my closet. I bought it just after Klair was born, and it was such a great choice at the time because it was flattering on my post pregnant body. Almost two years have passed and I still love it/wear it frequently. I feel like dresses with this cut are both classic and flattering on any shape. I'm particularly fond of the sleeve, because... let's face it. Cap sleeves only look good on a select few with perfect arms. I personally despise them on myself, and I love when I can find a dress with a slightly longer sleeve. Furthermore, I'm in love with all midi dresses for the season, so I've included several of my favorite midis with slightly longer sleeves in the slideshow below.

Because the dress is already a statement piece itself, I decided to keep my accessories in the same color family. The necklace that I'm wearing came from Target, and it's still for sale. I wear it pretty frequently. My shoes were actually thrifted, but I found a practically identical pair by Nine West that I linked above. I love these pumps, and would highly recommend a similar pair as they are both extremely comfortable, and go well with just about anything.

Happy Friday lovelies! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. gorgeous dress and background! rachel is soo talented!!

    Sandy a la Mode

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