Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summertime Sunnies Compliments of Warby Parker

I'm thrilled to be collaborating with Warby Parker on this post today. In case you haven't heard of this hip, trendy, and altruistic company, they sell high quality glasses and sunglasses (prescription and non-prescription). For every pair you buy, a pair is given to someone in need. And, they sell their products exclusively online. 

Now, you might be wondering how this works. After all, eye wear isn't something to be taken lightly! The glasses or sunglasses that you wear are not only a fashion statement, but a representation of who you are and your personal style. How can you order glasses that you've never tried on with any confidence? A pair might appeal to your sense of style, yet look terrible once you actually try them on. As a practically blind person, I've spent my fair share of time trying on glasses that I thought were cute, only to find that they are definitely not so on me. On the other hand, there have been times when a pair that I wasn't so sure about ended up fitting my face shape and features quite nicely. It can be really hit or miss. 

Warby Parker has accounted for this in their online model. They have a virtual try-on program, and--my personal favorite--a home try-on program. In fact, the home try-on program is what I owe this post to. I went online, selected the sunglasses that I liked and wanted to try, and ordered them to take a test drive. They arrived within a couple of days in a neat little box, and I had 5 days to try them out. They provided return shipping and I simply sent them back at the end of my free trial. At that point, if you decide to buy any you can easily do so. Below are the results of the different sunglasses I tried on:  

And the winner? Number 5--Ellison in Whisky Tortoise. I had such a hard time choosing, I really liked all of the different styles. I do love this retro look, however, and I felt like these fit my face and personal style best.
What do you think? Which of their glasses would you choose?

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  1. you look fabulous and i LOVE that blouse!

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