Tuesday, June 10, 2014

San Francisco Weekend Getaway | Part 1: Muir Woods

Redwood trees? Check. Consider them crossed off my bucket list. This past weekend I flew out to meet Sam in San Francisco. He had gone out there a few days before for a work trip, and I met him at the tail end just in time for an awesome party and a few days enjoying Northern Cali. I loved spending time in the city, but what I enjoyed even more was just north of the sprawling metropolis. Once you cross the Golden Gate bridge, it's like entering a whole new world. The forests are so green and lush, the ocean breathtaking, and the towns perfectly quaint. It was nothing short of magical.

One place I have always wanted to visit is the Redwood Forest in Yosemite. Humongous trees that are hundreds--in some cases thousands of years old...some dating back as far as the time of Christ? Yes, please. Sadly, I've never found myself in that part of California. Fortunately for me, however, there is a smaller version just outside of San Fran. The Muir Woods boast the same gigantic trees. When I found this out I didn't give Sam a choice. We were going.

It ended up being one of the prettiest, most awe-inspiring places we've ever been to. The amount of greenery was so impressive, in fact, I almost felt like I was in Hawaii again... only with more pine trees. If only those trees could talk, I wonder the stories they could tell... ?

Perhaps Sam and I will remain in their memories as that one tourist couple who took 8,000 photos. Oh wait, everyone was doing that...


  1. I LOVE San Francisco! I'm glad you had a good time! :)

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