Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sharing Style & Week in Review

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This past week or so the weather in Utah has been beautiful. After the long, cold winter and chilly spring, I forgot how amazing it can be to spend time outside. Additionally, I suppose the fact that Klair is now old enough to really enjoy the outdoors adds to the experience as well. On Thursday, her half birthday, we decided to have a little celebration. We went to a local restaurant that serves mac and cheese kid's meals (Klair's favorite) and headed to a park afterwards. Sam and I walked around the trail circling the park, our toddler leading the way with all the confidence in the world. The sun was setting, and it cast a tangerine glow across the darkening sky. Just then, I turned to Sam and expressed the overwhelming feeling that this is what heaven must be like. Or, at least, I hoped it would be similar. He agreed, and we continued to walk hand-in-hand, savoring each passing moment--wishing we could somehow stop the hands of time and live there--at that particular junction--forever. 

But, alas, time continued to march on as it always does, and we had to get our 18 month old home and in bed. Fortunately, the weekend held more family fun for us. On Friday, a friend of mine invited Klair and I to Thanksgiving Point. It's a nearby family attraction that boasts a beautiful garden, a children's museum, petting zoo, and dinosaur museum.  I'm so glad we went. I ended up purchasing a year-pass for Sam and myself (kids under 3 get in free). The garden alone was worth the money. If you live in northern Utah, I highly recommend checking it out.

 I was so enthusiastic about it, in fact, I told Sam all about it and made him go with us again on Saturday. He happily came along, but admitted that it was much better than he expected. We walked around the garden, let Klair romp around, and managed to take a few photos in the process.  Next, we headed to the museum. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. There is so much for kids of all ages to do both inside and out, I have a sneaking suspicion that we will be spending a lot of time there. Klair was all smiles, and that same feeling of peace and happiness swept over me, as if the veil between heaven and earth had been parted. I was given a glimpse of the perfect joy that lies ahead. 

Sunday we went to church, and Klair made it through nursery. In the LDS church a child begins nursery once they're 18 months old. They attend this while the adults go to their classes--a total time of about an hour and a half. Klair has been 3 times now, and she has done amazingly well. The first day she started crying half-way through, so I stayed with her for the rest of the time. The last two Sundays, however, she has been a champ. I make sure to sit by the door during my classes so that I can easily go to her if the nursery leaders come to find me, but I haven't needed to worry. My social little butterfly loves the toys, kids, and teachers--and apparently she even cleans up after herself. She does this at home when I ask her to, but the nursery leader informed me that she likes to put her toys away. I'm kind of proud. 

Sunday night we had my sister's family over for dinner, and Miss Marie loved playing with her three older boy cousins. They are so sweet with her, and it's fun to see her interacting with older kids. We once again enjoyed the perfect weather, playing outside and even walking to a little park that's just down the road. 

All-in-all, I'm feeling really blessed this last week. Even though some bitterness exists as my baby girl grows up faster than I would prefer, there's certainly more sweetness than anything. I love watching her grow and develop, and I'm grateful to have such a lovely, heavenly little family to call my own. 


  1. aren't those gardens amazing? i never get sick of visiting them--rain or shine. also i'm so happy klair is taking to nursery well! i always feel so horrible for the parents who can never enjoy relief society or sunday school because their kids refuse nursery. but really, what would i expect? it's klair!

  2. That place is GORGEOUS!!! :) I'm obsessed w/ that red dress, too! Adorable photos, girl.

  3. this is one of my favorite outfits of yours! you look beautiful! and yeah for klair making it through nursery! we have not had good luck with addilyn :(

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