Monday, April 14, 2014

Family Fun | Easter Festivities

Klair participated in her first Easter egg hunt this past weekend, and it was a smashing success. She was cute as can be, and picked up on the process quite quickly. I'm not sure which she liked better--collecting the eggs, or discovering the candy inside. Regardless, I enjoyed her enthusiasm!

Due to her current only-child status, we decided to invite her cousins over to participate. While having an Easter egg hunt with one kid would yield more candy for said child, we just didn't think it would be nearly as fun for her. We invited the kids from both sides of our families because, well, the more the merrier of course! All the kids were adorable, and it was thoroughly enjoyable watching them scamper about with big old grins on their faces. Our initial plan was to have the hunt outside and let the kids run around, scouring the greenery to find the egg-shaped containers filled with little pieces of Easter joy. Our plan didn't take into account the possibility that the amazing, 70 degree weather we've been experiencing might come to a screeching halt on the day of the party. Well, that's what it did. It rained, and even snowed yesterday. So, rather than take a (literal) rain check, we decided to move the festivities inside. It actually turned out quite well, despite the fact that I'll likely be finding Easter eggs in random places of my house for the next few weeks. 

In addition to the Easter egg hunt, we also had a barbecue with both our families. It was wonderful to have the people we love come together to celebrate the Savior's resurrection. Good food, good company, and good fun. What more could you really ask for? It was certainly a great reminder of what's truly important, and why the atonement of Jesus Christ is really so meaningful in my own life. 

What fun things have you done and/or do you have planned for Easter? 


  1. Aw! This looks like such a fun weekend! It's such a Joe to be able to get together and celebrate Christ's resurrection. :)


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