Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend with our Klair Marie was heavenly.  This year she was old enough to understand all the festivities which made it incredibly enjoyable. Saturday we celebrated with Sam's side of the family, and his parents hosted an Easter egg hunt. Watching her run around with her cousins was too much cuteness to handle. Even though they're older than her, she can keep up. When it came to hunting eggs, Klair's experience at our house last week came in handy. She knew exactly what to do. We tried to help her, but she didn't need our assistance. She scoured their backyard and honed in on each egg with precision and skill. She was mindful of each of her prizes, making sure that none fell out of her basket. And, when it came time to open them up, she did it with ease--stuffing her face with the candy and carefully putting her money in a pile next to her for safe keeping. 

For her Easter basket I made a trip to Target and... well that's all I needed to do because Target is awesome like that. She scored a dress, hat, bunny, bubble wand, coloring book, eggs, candy, edible grass, and a bucket. Mustn't forget the bucket... she loves that thing.The only things that didn't come from Target are the hair bows that I made her. They are ridiculously easy to make and I was really pleased with how they turned out. Look back for a tutorial in the next few days. 
Easter Sunday we woke up, went to church, took a lovely little family nap, and went to my sister's for dinner with my side of the family. I have 3 nephews on my side, and they adore miss Klair Marie. They all play together so well. Watching her with all her cousins this weekend (both on Saturday and Sunday) forced me to realize that she really isn't a baby anymore. She is an outgoing, busy, stubborn, happy, brilliant kid. And, although it's hard to let go, I love this new phase. 
Fun doesn't even begin to describe her. 

This Easter weekend was a wonderful reminder of what is important in life--the people that make it count. I'm so glad that Sam and I have each other and our little girl. I'm grateful to be surrounded with such a loving family. Most importantly, I'm grateful to my Savior. Because of him, I have all this. Because of him, the joy that I felt today can be my eternal reality. 

"And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!" -D&C 76: 22

Klair's Outfit Details: 
Dress & Hat: Target (Not Online--But I love this and this. ) | Bow: Homemade | Shoes: Carter's | Pajamas: The Children's Place (similar here)

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  1. Love the pictures, what a perfect Easter!!! Xo

  2. Love her little Easter dress and matching bow!

  3. Great pics... she's so stylish in her little dress!

  4. Your Easter weekend sounds perfect. Her Dress and Easter basket are so cute. Loving the bows you made too. I have made some hair accessories for my baby girl also. Looking forward to seeing your tutorial. Such fun, bright colors, too.

    Have a Great Thursday, Ada. =)


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