Friday, January 31, 2014

The adventures of Klair Bear: Month 14

As of the 29th Klair was 12 months + 2. That means I'm closing in on the 2 year mark of being a mom (if you count gestation... which I definitely do). I swear to you pregnancy was the longest nine months of my life. In contrast, the first year (and then some) of Klair's life has been the speediest of my life.

Strange how that works. I'm guessing it's because babies keep you busy, and they keep you guessing. As soon as I think I have her figured out she goes and changes on me again. Her needs, desires, abilities, even her very temperament fluctuates and evolves so rapidly. I've learned to be flexible, quick on my feet, and patient. Oh so patient. I've also learned that all phases are just that--phases. For better or worse the only thing I can count on is change. Fast-paced, unpredictable change.

Don't get me wrong, though. I do feel like I know her well, I mean... I've spent more time with her than with anyone else. Ever.  Every single day for two years. Inseparable for 9 months and pretty much that for the rest. And she knows me on a level I never even knew existed until she came along. She has awakened within me more emotions, and shown me more beauty than I know what to do with. She's changed me, for the better. Yet, despite the intimacy of our relationship, sometimes I feel like we're strangers. In the grand scheme of things I barely know her. I'm just beginning to chip away at this iceberg that is her personality.

It's a peculiar paradox to know someone so completely... and not at all.

All musing aside, I really am enjoying the process of getting to know the person I know best. Furthermore, having a newborn was great, but I am in love with this older baby/young toddler phaseI look forward to discovering more about her... every day.

So, at 14 months, here are a few things I've learned about Klair and her (current) personality:

Klair loves books. She is constantly bringing them to us to read to her. She could read all day and be quite content. She'll hand one of us a book, climb into our lap, and wait for us to begin. She turns the pages, points at pictures, and asks "dat?" meaning "what's that?" And, once we've told her what something is she doesn't forget it.

Often, after one of us has read to her, she'll take the book and flip through the pages while babbling in Klairinese. She reads the book to us. It's adorable.
Currently, her favorite book is "I Love You Through and Through." She likes to kiss the boy in the book. ...should I be worried?
She's also particularly fond of the book Five Little Monkeys. You know the classic rhyme...well, they made it into a book (real original, right?) and Klair enjoys it immensely. When I say the line "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" I always shake my finger. She picked up on this. Now, she'll read through the book, shake her finger and sternly say "ba ba ba ba ba ba!"  

Klair likes balloons. Like, a lot. The mere sight of a balloon is enough to send her into a flurry of squeals and "wows." And, surprisingly she doesn't cry when they pop. In fact, she isn't phased by it at all. (Rosie also loves balloons as you can see in the video below).
Klair adores bouncy balls. Rosie has a ball that she is particularly fond of and Klair will throw it for her. It's so cute to see them play together.
Klair sleeps on her side and on her stomach. She moves a lot at night. I put her in the middle of her crib on her back, and often discover her in the strangest positions and corners of the bed in the morning. 
Klair enjoys climbing. She randomly started climbing stairs on Christmas and now she wants to climb onto everything (and everyone). She's actually getting pretty good at it, and I'm finding that my anxiety level is decreasing as she learns to climb up and off of things on her own (without falling). She conquered this dinosaur at the mall all by herself today... and then proceeded to sit on it for 20 minutes as if reveling in her victory. 
Klair eats a lot and she is getting chubby again. Apparently weaning her off of milk has encouraged her to eat more solids and she's regaining everything she lost around the 12 month mark. I'm actually quite excited about it. I can't wait to see her chubby little leg rolls in all the rompers and shorts that are coming out for Spring!
Klair is a ham... but that's nothing new. (I probably shouldn't take pictures at church... oh well :)
Klair wants to brush her teeth... constantly. She opens the drawer where I keep her toothbrush, presses the toothpaste against the brush (as if she's putting some on) and puts the brush in her mouth. She's an oral hygiene enthusiast. In this particular photo, she destroyed this drawer and stole my toothbrush. 
Klair likes to brush her own hair (and my hair, and the dog's hair, and the hair of anyone in reach).
Klair gives lots of kisses. She even makes the kissing noise now! It's too cute. She also blows kisses, and when she hugs she will lay her head on your shoulder and say  "awww."  
Klair interacts incredibly well with people. It's so fun to take her places, because she smiles and waves to everyone. Her happiness is contagious. She literally brightens every room she enters. I love how sweet and social she is. 
Klair holds her spoon like an adult. I didn't teach her this, I guess she just picked up on it. I'm kind of impressed.
Klair devours fruit snacks like they're going out of style. I actually don't like giving them to her because she's been known to cry once they're all gone...
Klair throws tantrums. If she wants something (like my phone, or the keys) and can't have it then she will throw herself on the ground and cry.
Klair unlocks my phone, and locks me out of it constantly (by entering the wrong code too many times). She has figured out how to unlock both her parent's phones (I have the iPhone, he has the Nokia Lumia) and she knows to swipe her little finger. It's really entertaining to watch her because we've never deliberately shown her. Observant little baby.
Klair loves her car that her grandparents got her for Christmas. She constantly rides it, dances to the music it makes, and she hoards things in the little compartment under the seat. If something goes missing, chances are she hid it in there.
Klair watches the show Daniel the Tiger, and thoroughly enjoys it. She gets so engrossed. And (confession) I sometimes put on an episode so I can get things done around the house.
Apparently Sam likes the show too :)
Klair wears shoes now! :) She didn't for awhile. She would just take them off as soon as I put them on. I suddenly felt bad for all those times I judged moms whose kids didn't have shoes or socks on, because I now realize the kids were probably like Klair. But she wears them now, so that's good. It's been fun to finally use all the cute shoes I bought her. 

Klair possesses great hair. Pigtails and ponytails have been too much fun lately, and they make for great day-after-bed-head too.
Klair scoots. Her main and preferred mode of transportation is still scooting. See exhibit A:

Klair crawls as of a few days ago. We were getting ready to go swimming and I put her suit on her to make sure it still fit. Out of no where she started crawling. We've been trying to encourage her to do this for months, so it was a pleasant surprise. See exhibit B:
Klair alternates between scooting and crawling to get around.

Klair walks, and she's actually really good at it, but she only does it when she feels like it. She has great balance, but she never walks spontaneously or of her own accord. She'll only do it if we encourage her or make a game out of it. I guess she's just lacking in the desire department.
Apparently scooting is cooler. 

I suppose she simply "scoots to the beat of her own drum."
All in all I love my original, brilliant, beautifulstubborn, sweet, happy 14 month baby girl,
and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us!  


  1. It is SO true that these little people make us mamas all around better women! She seems like a riot. :)

    1. They really do. I've learned so much from her already! And thank you! She is such a funny little baby :)

  2. that is so funny she sleeps like that sometimes!!


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