Thursday, January 9, 2014

Klair's First Hair Cut

I'm currently sitting here with this (literal) angel all snuggled up in my arms sleeping ever so sweetly. I just couldn't seem to put her in her crib when she first drifted off to slumber land. I didn't want to. I was enjoying it too much. But, alas, now I'm kind of stuck. I missed my window. I know all too well that if I try and move her now she'll wake up, look at me with those big, dreamy blue eyes and immediately start babbling at me in Klairinese--as if she's recounting the visions that were just dancing around in her head. This option wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't for the fact that I know she needs the rest. Thus, I'm content to sit here. Thank goodness I had enough foresight to bring my phone with me. This actually gives me an opportunity to write about an event that I've been meaning to address for awhile--

Baby girl's first trip to the salon to trim those precious golden locks. 

The Before: 

Her hair has been awesome her entire life. She has always had a good amount, especially for a blondie. It naturally grew longer on top into what appeared to be a purposeful pixie cut. I thought perhaps we might get lucky enough that we wouldn't need to cut her baby hair and that over time it would grow into the perfect little-girl-long-hairstyle. Recently, however, the back of her hair decided to start growing rapidly and began to look like.... well, a mullet. I didn't really catch on at first. I was oblivious--blinded by my excitement that her hair was getting some length. It wasn't until my best friend, Sharydon (who happens to be a fantastic hairstylist) mentioned that Klair would probably need a haircut soon and that she would like to do it, that the thought even crossed my mind. 

And honestly, I probably would have continued in my denial if it weren't for Sam affirming Sharydon's comment by mentioning that it was about time to get Klair's hair trimmed. I hesitatingly grabbed my phone, bravely texted Sharydon, and made an appointment for that week. Apparently setting a date to get my baby's precious, virgin hair trimmed was a lot harder than I realized.

The actual process of cutting her hair was a lot easier than I thought it would be. We draped her in a cute little baby cape, and I put one on too. Then, we simply had her sit in my lap while Sharydon worked her magic. Klair was so excited about all the new sights and sounds that she was pretty unaware of the trimming taking place. When we needed her to look in a certain direction, we would direct her eyes with a brush, spray bottle, or anything we could find that Klair found remotely interesting. 

Overall she was great during the process.
 I think it helped that she loves her Sharydon so much.

Also, this post would not be complete without mentioning that Sharydon was so sweet! She was incredibly patient, refused to let me pay, and even saved a few locks in an envelope for me. I’m kind of spoiled in the best friend department. Plus, Klair’s hair looked perfect. The cut was nothing too dramatic. Just a little trimmed off of the back to reduce the appearance of a mullet and to prepare it to grow into the perfect little toddler bob. And then, someday… it will become the long, beautiful locks that I dream of! I get all giddy just thinking about pretty blonde braids of all varieties.

The After: 

Oh, little girl. We have so much fun ahead of us. 
I just love you to pieces!


  1. i love her hair!! Addilyn's hair just started growing and its hard for me to even picture what she'll look like with real hair!

    1. Aw I can't wait to see that, how cute! How cute! It's funny that you say you can't imagine it, because now I have a hard time looking back to when she didn't have as much and believing it's her. Everything changes so fast and it seems like the baby I have now is the one I've always had... But that's not the case. She has changed so much this past year!

  2. It's crazy what a difference a first hair cut makes! They suddenly seem older. I put it off as long as possible too. We sentimental mamas! She's a beautiful little girl for sure.

    1. Thank you! And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. It was crazy how emotional the whole process was... It felt like admitting that she is growing up... Something I'm pretty hesitant to do.

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