Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ice Castle Adventure

I've been seeing a lot of hype in the Utah scene lately about an ice castle up in Midway. Local Instagrammers have been lighting up the app with their ice-capades to the impressive man-made structure... and rightly so.

It's a castle made out of ice

Naturally,  we had to take Klair. She is a princess after all.  Plus, the concept and process is so cool. The geography teacher in me was kind of geeking out over it.

Klair loved all of the ice. 
She said "wow" repeatedly and kept trying to touch everything.

Isn't she adorable in her winter gear?
 I'm in love with my little Klair Bear (pun intended). 

And this man. I'm totally crushing on him in this photo. 

Some of Sam's family (his parents, brother and his wife, and our nieces) came with us and we made a day of it.

I just love these photos of Sam's parents with their granddaughters. 
So precious!

Our nieces are a little older and really appreciated the fact that it was a castle.  It was so fun to see how happy and excited they were exploring it. 
Love these little girls! 

We even found Olof! I haven't seen Frozen myself (something I've heard I need to remedy), but I could tell by the looks on the kids' faces that it was a pretty awesome discovery. 
Plus, he made a cute picture companion. 

It was such a fun family outing! If you are in the Utah area I highly recommend making the trip up to Midway to check it out. 


  1. That looks like a lot of fun!!! I hope we get a chance to go up there

    1. You should! It was fun to see. They light it up at night so that would be a cool time to go if you aren't taking any kiddos :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It really was :) thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Wow, that looks amazing! What a cool thing! Love all of the photos!
    Thanks for stopping by! I'm following you back!

  4. Your pictures are amazing!! I wish I had gone in the daytime, just so my pictures would have turned out better. haha! Aren't they the coolest (pun intended. haha)?! I love visiting them. :)

    Aaaaaaaaaand you need to see frozen... stat! Olaf is the best!!

  5. Wow! So beautiful. Loving all these pictures. I would love to check this out someday.

    1. If you ever get the chance you should! Also, that picture of your daughter in your profile is adorable. I love that hat!

  6. how cool!! these pictures are awesome! klair is SO cute too!


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