Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby Mittens

So Klair decided it would be fun to scratch her face up right before her baby blessing this Sunday. It seems like things come and go in phases. It had been awhile since she had scratched her face, and then within a couple of days she had several pretty good little marks. It seems no matter how short I keep her nails she still manages to get herself. I think the culprit is her tendency to rub her eyes and face when she gets tired. Thus, I've been keeping cream on her face with the hope it will help it heal faster, and yesterday I resorted to putting the newborn mittens on her. I thought that she would certainly protest, but I was wrong. As the photo indicates, she actually likes her mittens. A lot. And it helps that I think she is adorable in them. I'm not sure how long she will have to keep wearing them... At least until we get through Sunday when she will be seen by 50 + family members and friends (and likely held by many of them too... Don't worry, I already purchased the hand sanitizer).

Speaking of her baby blessing, can I just say that I'm stressing a little? So far we have over fifty who have said they're coming. Not only will the chapel be filled (which is actually pretty awesome) but I have to feed all those people. I'm not so much worried about food (thanks to the help of a few sweet volunteers) but... Are all those people going to fit in my house? It's February so letting people trickle outside isn't an option. They will all be crammed in here... That's a lot of bodies. Thank goodness we have a finished basement! It is going to be interesting to say the least. I guess that's what we get for having so much supportive family and friends that live in Utah. I suppose it's a pretty good problem to have. Klair already has too many people that love her... :)

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