Friday, February 1, 2013

2 Month Appointment

My Klair Bear went in for her 2 month appointment on Tuesday the 29th. 2 months! I can't believe it's been that long since I laid eyes on my girl and held her for the first time.

The appointment went really well. Dr. Blackburn is such a great doctor. He talks about a mile a minute, yet somehow I don't feel rushed. He is able to answer all of my questions and validate my concerns while keeping what I'm sure is a very tight and busy schedule. He said that she looks great, and that we should continue whatever we are doing. In a way, he almost feels like a boss to me. Not because he is boss-like in his demeanor, but I think it's because I respect him and his professional opinion. Going to the doctor almost feels like a semi-quarterly review. The results of my work can be seen in the health (or lack thereof) of  my child. And, because he is her doctor, I almost feel as if I am reporting my labors to him and he is assessing my productivity--so to speak--as a mother. I guess I've just never not had a manager or a teacher to report to, so in some weird way he has filled that role in my mind. At any rate, I got great marks. Too bad I can't petition for a raise... :)

Klair is growing like a weed. She is now 12 lbs 11 oz. She has gained close to five pounds since birth! (She was 8 lbs. 3 oz. when she was born.) She has also grown 3 and a half inches in height--from 21 inches at birth to 24 and a half inches to date. This places her in the 98th percentile in height, and she is close to hte 90th percentile in weight and head circumfrence. All around she is just a big girl, and I love it. Not only is she advanced in every milestone that I've read about, but she sleeps so well. Lately she has been giving us 10+ hours a night. Furthermore, I'm confident that her size is going to help her to fend off sicknesses and fight them quickly should she ever come down with anything. And, the most important thing of course... CHUBBY BABY! I have always wanted a chubby baby, and I feel so grateful to have one. She is filling out quite nicely. Her cheeks, arms, belly, thighs... I love it all. In fact while bathing her recently we noticed a brand new set of rolls on her thighs above the ones she's had for awhile. Her legs are starting to look like tire stacks, and I couldn't be happier.

The worst part of her 2 month well baby check up was of course the shots. I did not enjoy it, Sam didn't like it, and I'm pretty sure she loathed it. Poor baby girl! She was so brave. She is on the regular immunization schedule, so they gave her 8 different vaccines. Luckily modern medical science has been able to combine those 8 vaccines into only 3 shots and a drink, but 3 shots is still 3 too many. She screamed immediately when they pierced her cute little thighs. Her face went from happy to the saddest thing I've ever seen instantly. I just wanted to jump up and hold her, but Sam and the nurse were both standing there and I didn't want to crowd them out. So I just sat there, watching my poor baby girl as the nurse stabbed those needles quite deep into her thighs. I'm a good parent, I'm a good parent, I'm a good parent... I did the right thing. It's hard to think that when I willingly allowed someone to inflict pain on my child. This parenting thing, especially sick and hurt children, is really going to be hard... isn't it?

This photo is the result of her shots.

Fortunately, she didn't get sick like I've read that some babies do after getting vaccines. No fevers or weird reactions, just a little bit of fussiness and tender thighs. A few times I accidentally held her too tight or brushed against her thigh and she screamed at me. Luckily, the soreness went away after a couple of days and she is now back to her normal, happy little self. I really do have the best baby in the world.

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