Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Baby Product Review #1 | Saranoni Blankets

As many of you know, having a baby comes with all kinds of life changing implications--both for better and for worse. Once another tiny little human is born and entrusted to your care, things simply can't be the same. While you're trying to adjust to the challenges of caring for an infant and searching for some sense of normalcy, routine, and calm amid the chaos it's really helpful to have fantastic baby products that make things easier--every bit of help and convenience counts. As a blogger I've been extremely blessed to work with some amazing companies and try out some of the best and most popular baby products on the market. I'll be posting about my experiences with these in a little series here on my blog.

For this first installment I'm reviewing Saranoni Luxury Blankets. As the name so obviously implies, these aren't your run of the mill blankets. They're luxurious. So much so that an adult size (the one featured here is toddler) is on my wishlist. I'm not sure I have ever touched a softer fabric. I wish there was a way for you to feel it over the internet, because I'm sure after one touch you would be sold.

My Saranoni blanket arrived before Grayson was born. When it came I took it out of the box, held it to my skin, and immediately imagined wrapping my sweet baby boy in its warmth and softness. The business of being born can't be easy on babies, yet I knew something like this would bring comfort and calm in a chaotic world. I was right. Every time I wrap him in this blanket he immediately relaxes and nestles in for a good cuddle.

I obviously picked Gray because I'm apparently obsessed enough with it to name my child Grayson. Plus it matches his neutral nursery perfectly. With a variety of sizes, colors, borders, embroidery options etc there is something for every nursery and bedroom around.

Also I have to mention that these blankets wash so well. I was really nervous that Gray would spit up on it and I would have to wash it for fear that it would ruin it. Inevitably Grayson did spit up on it, and to my surprise it wasn't affected at all by washing. It's still as soft and fluffy as ever!

And last but not least I have to mention that the founder of Saranoni is a mother... of 5! I just love the fact that this company is owned by an entrepreneurial rock star mom. If you end up purchasing something you can feel good knowing you're supporting a local mama. Below are links to their site and social media--follow along for deals and giveaways!

(Photo Credit of Last 3 images: Heather Pickett Photography)


  1. i love our saranoni blankets!! SO SOFT!!!!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Blankets is very essencialk for a baby. Saranoni Blankets is more reliable for a baby.


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