Monday, June 1, 2015

Baby Grayson | 1 Month

I'm a little late in posting these...he's actually (technically) closer to 2 months old now... better late than never, right? Life with two kids is easier in a lot of ways than I imagined (likely due in large part to Grayson's sweet and easy going personality) but it's busy. I always tell myself "I'll blog tonight as soon as the kids are asleep!"...but once they're in their beds I usually crash in my own. I feel a bit like the walking dead these days. I'm sure (well, really hopeful) that the exhaustion will fade once Grayson starts sleeping more through the night. ...which brings me back to the topic of this post. Grayson. Enough about me, this post is about the sweetest baby boy that ever did exist upon the face of this earth.

Seriously though. I can't even express the love that I have for my little man! When he was born I thought "this is too easy... I'm sure it's just a phase. I couldn't possibly be so lucky." Yet, he's almost two months old now and he's still as sweet as ever. He's a little more vocal about his needs now, but as soon as they are met he is happy as a clam. He sleeps well at night, waking every few hours to feed because he is constantly hungry. If it weren't for his appetite I think he would easily sleep through the night, because as soon as he's fed he goes right back to slumberland. He's just too hungry--a fact you can easily recognize through the weight he has put on. He is already 12 and half pounds! Which means he's put on half of his original birth weight in just 6 weeks. He's an insatiable little piggy who is quickly turning into a rolly polly boy-- a fact that I'm pretty happy about. I love chubby babies! And he's on track to become quite the chubster. His back fat and leg rolls make me smile.

Grayson has a genuine curiosity about everything. You can visibly see his big blue eyes fill with wonder and excitement as he experiences this strange new world he's found himself in. In the last few weeks he has started giving smiles freely. He'll smile, coo in a conversational manner, and stare into my eyes with those dreamy blues. I melt every time.

Some important dates and milestones to note:

-On April 13th he stole my heart.

-At about 3 weeks he started making eye contact and cooing

-At about 4 weeks he started tracking things with his eyes. We have a swing for him that has a mobile of birds and a mirror for him to look up at--he loves to stare up at both of these and his eyes follow them as he sways.

-May 16th-- first "reactionary" or "social" smile (he smiled plenty before that, but it was the first time he smiled after a very obvious reason to do so. I was holding him on the couch (he was resting against my knees in a sitting up position) and I said "I love you Grayson!" in a high pitched, sing-songy, motherese kind of way. He immediately smiled... so I did it again (naturally) and he gave me another toothless grin.

(Also, I know it may seem ironic to brag about how easy going he is followed by posting a picture of him crying... but he was getting hungry toward the end of this photo shoot. And, when he's hungry, he's relentless until he gets what he wants. Aaaand I just love the photos... even the fussy and crying ones. He's adorable even when he's screaming at me! It's impressive.)
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  1. He's beautiful! What a handsome baby. Isn't everything exciting when they are new?

  2. He's so adorable!!

  3. Baby Grayson is the most important for a new baby. Thanks for your nice article.

  4. Sleeping has been pretty good too, considering his constant hunger. He wakes up every few hours to feed, but he goes right back to sleep afterward. If it wasn't for his appetite, I think he'd sleep through the night easily. And speaking of appetite, he's growing like a champ! In just six weeks, he's put on half of his birth weight and is already 12 and a half pounds. I can't help but adore his adorable rolls and chubby cheeks. On a side note, I want to share a fantastic editing tool called CapCut mod apk. It's perfect for editing videos and photos, and it's one of the best out there. Give it a try if you want to add some creativity to your visual content!


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