Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Maternity Outfit | Diana Putnam Photography

The big day of love is approaching quickly, and I for one am pretty excited this year. I know, I know. It's an overly commercialized holiday for companies to capitalize on our sentiments by encouraging unnecessary displays of affection... and I love it. Do we need this holiday? No. If it didn't exist I'm confident that the state of my marriage wouldn't be altered. However, it's fun. I love being able to create traditions, memories, and any reason to celebrate is a good one in my book. So bah humbug to all you naysayers. I'm excited for our Valentine's weekend and the plans we've made. Skip this post if you feel you must, but here is a Valentine's inspired look for a preggo like myself. 

I actually styled this "maternity look" with non-maternity clothes from my closet. It doesn't happen very often anymore (mostly because I lack the energy) but every once in awhile I'll try out different pieces that I own and stumble upon something that works. In this case I paired a stretchy black tee, my very stretchy pencil skirt, and my awesomely stretchy maternity tights (notice the reoccurring theme?) Next I threw on a blazer and added a few accessories to complete the look--and voila-- a maternity and Valentine's friendly outfit made from pieces that I will actually wear after this pregnancy adventure has ended.  

This post would not be complete without mentioning that Miss Diana of Diana Putnam photography took these photos. I wrote a post about her awhile back which you can read here. Essentially I raved on and on about her abilities as a photographer, but I'll spare you a second review and allow the photos to speak for themselves. She is talented and so awesome to work with! The end. 

Also, this time last year I made created a bunch of printables for a Valentine's gift for my husband. Feel free to check out this post and download them for yourself (or simply use them for inspiration for your own creation).


  1. Love your outfit! super classy! Great colors! I just love your MC watch too! Nice color :) I agree V day should be fun! Cute ideas!! You dont have to make it pricey, its the little things that count...

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