Thursday, February 5, 2015

A True Heaven Sent | Preggo Leggings GIVEAWAY

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In my last post I mentioned that I wear leggings non-stop. You may have thought I was exaggerating... I wasn't. They are definitely the most comfortable option at this point. But, even within the realm of super-stretch pants, not all leggings are created equal... and this is particularly true during pregnancy. I can get away with wearing some of the non-maternity kind, but they definitely cut into this growing belly. Not comfortable or cute. And some of the maternity leggings on the market right now aren't much better. They don't fit the bump well, either squeezing too tightly (and often leaving lines where the waistband is) or they're altogether just too big and constantly fall down (leaving one to constantly do that awkward dance where you're pulling them up and trying not to draw too much attention to yourself).

Luckily for those of us who are currently experiencing gestation and all that it entails, there is a company out there that gets it: Preggo Leggings. As their name implies, they have created a line of leggings designed specifically for preggos. They're made from an extremely soft, stretchy fabric that fits effortlessly and feels like a dream. I could live in these 24-7! The waist is my favorite part, because it comes all the way up over the belly--which translates into no uncomfortable waistband cutting into you and no lines. Yay! Plus they come in a variety of fun colors--like the "Oh Baby Blues" that I'm sporting in the photos above.

Head on over to my Instagram to enter a giveaway for a $60 gift card to Preggo Leggings. This would be such an awesome prize for yourself, or you could gift it to a pregnant friend (who is sure to be very grateful). 

If you visit their site you can also use the code "Autumn15" to receive 15% off your purchase!

Also, I can't fail to mention my cute little daughter. She and my (extremely kind) husband got up early with me for this photo shoot. We had to do it before Sam left for work, and despite the cold she was the cutest, happiest little bug. She "helped" her daddy take the photos, and then she decided that she wanted to come and pose with mommy too... bed head and all. I love the one where her little legs are crossed like mine! I can't believe how lucky I am to call her my daughter.


  1. Love her little cowboy boots so cute!!! I have a niece named Claire :) w a C

  2. beautiful baby and beautiful mom, her smile is priceless.
    The Color Palettel

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