Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sage Boutique by Olivia Wares

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A few months back I was invited to an event at Sage Boutique by Olivia Wares. I went with some fellow blogger friends, and I instantly fell in love with the chic little store in Sugarhouse, Utah. I loved everything in the place! They had plenty of merchandise to keep me busy, while still maintaining that quaint, local charm that makes a boutique so lovable. The owner was extremely kind, and after talking I discovered we had a lot in common--enough that I now consider her a good friend. 

At the event that night I snagged this fun little dress and crystal necklace. Although it is not a maternity dress, I was elated to discover that it would work with a growing belly. I waited awhile to style it because I knew it would look cuter with a fuller bump--something I most certainly have now. Ha! :) I will be doing some future collaborations with this amazing boutique, including an awesome giveaway in the next few days--so stay tuned for that! 

If you live in Utah be sure to stop in and strike up a friendship with the owner, and a love affair with her collection of apparel. And no worries if you don't live in the area--they have a website! 

Olivia Wares Boutique 
1950 S 1100 E Salt Lake City, UT 

Also, this post wouldn't be complete without mentioning the lovely watch my husband gave me for Christmas. When he asked me what I wanted this year I really didn't know to tell him, so I gave him some vague answer about wanting a tan leather watch with a big face. I expected some cute but generic one from Target, but he went above and beyond and bought me this beautiful little piece by Skagen. I absolutely adore it, and I'm extremely impressed with him. He really does know me so well... I'm the luckiest :)

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