Thursday, October 9, 2014

13 Weeks Pregnant | Fashion & Musings

I am officially out of the first trimester! Well, according to some sources. Others say it's 14 weeks, but I'll take the earlier milestone and just go with it. It feels like an accomplishment, or at least that I've conquered a significant portion of the incline on a very long uphill journey. I'm hopeful that in the next week or so this pregnancy will follow my first and I'll start feeling better soon. Keep your fingers crossed. If I end up being one of those women who keeps the morning sickness throughout pregnancy, then this blog is likely to become a very negative space for me to vent all my woes. I've never handled nauseousness very well. I need this to end soon.

Oh well, at least I can comfort myself with new clothes. I just got these black maternity jeans from Pink Blush in the mail and they certainly brightened my day. They are ridiculously soft. It's like wearing pajamas... only they are socially acceptable to wear outside the house. Expect more posts with them. My black and gold jewelry also came from Pink Blush, and the my blue tunic shirt was a thrift store steal. Here is a similar chiffon tunic for an awesome deal. 

All maternity fashion aside, what really propels me forward is this little girl. Daily. Multiple times a day. When I'm tempted to succumb to self pity, she smiles at me. Or kisses me. Or demands "Mama, Dance!" so we dance around the kitchen. She is my light, and my constant reminder that what I'm doing will bring me more joy into my life than I can currently fathom. That's what happened with her, and I couldn't be more excited to experience that same pure joy again... only better. Because it will have doubled, and this time I'll be able to see the excitement of a new baby through her eyes too. I'll have another child that I will love as much as her, and she will have the priceless gift of a sibling. Life is good. It's beautiful, like her. 


  1. Cute photos of you and your daughter! :)

  2. Congrats on the pregnancy! I'm just a few months ahead of you with my own pregnancy :) The first trimester seriously feels like it drags on forever, right? You should feel accomplished!

  3. Yay for being out of the first trimester, such an accomplishment!!

  4. Autumn, you look STUNNING! Seriously gorgeous. And your little girl is as adorable as ever. :) So glad to hear your pregnancy is going well!

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