Friday, October 12, 2012


I'm working at Fusion-io today, filling in for the receptionist. I really do enjoy this so much more than substitute teaching in some ways. Although subbing is more mentally challenging and rewarding (in terms of helping kids), I really like being able to sit here in a comfy chair and ultra stylish surroundings occasionally answering phones...but mostly looking at Pinterest or helping Sam with his work load. It's a pretty sweet gig, especially for a girl who is 8 months pregnant. Plus, I get to see my husband at work, eat lunch with him (when he's not too busy) and see all the people I've met through Sam and at various tradeshows and events that I've helped with. I think this is a good outlet for me. I enjoy being around adults, especially awesome Fusion-io employee adults. I've offered to continue helping them out by filling shifts post-baby, and I think as long as I can keep it to a minimal amount it will be a healthy way for me to do a little side work and get out of the house occasionally.

 I will admit that Fusion has also made me a little sad. I was given 4 of the afternoon shifts for next week about a month ago, but I just found out they gave them to the new girl they hired as a receptionist. I understand that they need to train her and get her going as soon as possible, but considering the fact that Sam will be out of town next week and I was looking forward to the distraction... it just plain sucks.  Perhaps I got to comfortable here and used to the job. I knew it was temporary, I just wasn't ready for it to be done quite yet. I guess I'll have to find other ways to bide my time next week in the wake of his absence. Now that I'm getting further along in my pregnancy, I feel like distractions and staying busy are keys to my sanity--especially with an absent husband. My discomfort level seems to be rising everyday, and when I think about the 6+ weeks I have left before my due date it seems a little overwhelming. I actually had my first set of "Braxton Hicks" contractions last night... accompanied by a slight nervous breakdown. Maybe it was the contractions, perhaps a surge of hormones, perhaps the realization that the end--while close--is still considerably far away... whatever the reason I feel bad for my poor husband. He is so patient with me in my times of distress, even when my distress gets directed at him. Luckily he's also very forgiving. I apologized for my pregnant episode last night, and he was so kind and gracious about it. I really do have the best husband ever. The best decision I have ever made (and ever will make) was to marry that man.

To end on a happy note, this morning had a bright little ray of sunshine named Olivia. Our good friend and co-worker, Carley, brought her baby girl in. It was so fun to see a sweet little 3 month old. I was even able to hold her. It was so much fun! And I really do mean that. I used to be more timid when holding other people's babies. I would try and refrain from talking in "motherese" or making faces. Now, with my own baby coming, I can't contain my excitement... and I don't try to. It's moments like these that make me feel overly excited at the kicking taking place in my own belly right now. Soon enough I'm going to have a little baby girl of my own in my arms.

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