Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mommy Daughter Patriotism

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My little Klair Marie and I are starting out 4th of July weekend off a little early with some matching outfits!

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Call me cheesy, but one of the things I look forward to most is dressing the part for holidays. I've always loved donning the appropriate colors to feel festive on special occasions, and now that I have kids... well, just expect to see lots more of it. I'm hopeful that traditions of say--getting an all-American themed dress to wear on the 4th--will be the kind that my daughter looks back on fondly.

Regardless, she certainly loves it now! She is such a girly girl. Her dress collection--along with her shoes and, well, her wardrobe in general--is probably her most prized possession. While most kids are asking for something form the toy aisle, whenever we go to Target she begs for a new dress. I cave pretty often (maybe a little too often according to my husband). This particular dress she is wearing for this post is the result of one such occasion. The girl has more dresses than anyone I know, but when I saw this one--when we saw this dress--we just knew it had to be bought. I made her wait until this last Sunday to wear it to church (because holidays are kind of week long affairs around here) and she was ecstatic. The anticipation almost killed her.

It was so fun taking photos together in our coordinated dresses. We basically danced around our yard, twirling in circles, giggling, and acting completely silly. She loved the extra attention from me (our one-on-one time has taken a huge hit since Grayson was born) and I adored the opportunity to spend some time with my girl. Also, for once she actually wanted to take photos. For this blogging mom with a photographer husband this was a miracle! When it was time to smile for the camera she willingly obliged and even posed. I can't get over how beautiful she is, inside and out.

My dress came from a boutique in the UK called Isabella Oliver. This shop actually specializes in maternity clothing, but it works well after pregnancy too. When they originally contacted me to collaborate it was right at the tail end of my pregnancy. I was sad because I knew the dress wouldn't arrive in time for me to take photos before Grayson came. ...And then I realized that even though my baby would be born soon, my baby bump wouldn't be going away for some time. A new maternity dress would actually be a very welcome addition to my post-partum wardrobe because--let's face it--it takes time for your body to go back to normal after baby. Lots of time. And Isabella Oliver's dresses (and their other apparel for that matter) is cute and flattering enough to help a  mom like myself feel pretty and confident during this after-baby phase.

In short, if you are looking for adorable maternity or post-partum friendly clothing, I highly suggest checking out this shop!

My Outfit: 
Necklace | Old Navy (similar
Shoes | Steve Madden (similar)

Klair's Outfit: 
Dress | Target 


  1. you both look very beautiful. Love her pose!
    The Color Palette

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