Sunday, May 17, 2015

Newborn Photos Part One | Heather Pickett Photography Lifestyle Session

A few weeks before Grayson was born my good friend and fellow blogger Sandy (of Sandy A La Mode) tagged me in a Facebook post. The amazing photographer she had worked with when her baby girl was born, Heather Pickett Photography, was looking for some models for an upcoming shoot...

A week after Grayson was due to be born Heather needed a family with a newborn (check) an older sibling (check) and a house they could shoot in (check). I responded with extreme interest, and to my surprise (and delight) they picked us! The timing could not have been more perfect.

Heather Pickett is easily the best newborn photographer in the Salt Lake area, and she teamed up with the renowned Emily Lucarz from St. Louis. We received a lifestyle shoot where they actually came out to my house and photographed Grayson and our family in our own home, plus some more traditional studio shots. We did the lifestyle shoot the first day, and the studio ones the second--so that's how I'm going to divide the posts because there are just too many great photos to try and post them all on one day. It will still be an overload, but I guess that's what happens when you get to work with two incredible photographers. I definitely felt blessed by the turn of events and the perfect timing of it all. Plus, they could not have been sweeter with my little family!

If you're in Utah you should definitely check out Heather Pickett Photography. Heather is a mother of 4, a pediatric Registered Nurse, and a Certified Professional Photographer. She knows babies, and she seriously knows her way around a camera. The way that Heather interacted with Grayson was so natural and impressive. She effortlessly soothed him and molded him into the poses with ease. You really couldn't ask for a better experience when you have a brand new baby that you're entrusting to someone else for a few hours. If you visit her website you will immediately see a video of her talking about the work that she does so you can easily get a sense of how sincere and talented this woman is.

Heather Picket Photography
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Also, as a special offer to those of you reading this, anyone who books a session can receive a complimentary set of three mini-accordion albums. They are some of the very favorite items people purchase after they have there photos done! They're especially great because they come in a set of three - so you can give one to each of the Grandmas. Simply mention you saw this offer on Autumn Klair when you contact Heather and she'll be sure to hook you up!

That being said I am just so happy with how these photos turned out! I love the concept of a lifestyle shoot, and I'm so glad we got to participate in one. I absolutely adore the photos of our little family in our own home. It gives them more meaning and a deeper sentimentality. They made sure to photograph aspects of our home that will be so fun to remember later too--the styles of the different rooms, the look of the nursery, etc. I'm sure at some future date we'll look back at the iPod on Grayson's changing table and laugh about the outdated technology. Plus who gets to have a professional grade photo of their newborn in their own crib? Talk about sweet!

I must say the photos of Klair and Gray steal the show. Klair was so sweet and gentle with her brother and nothing melts this mama's heart more than to see her two babies together. Well.. except for maybe the photos of my husband holding his son. That's pretty heart melting too. Ahh I could stare at these photos all day!


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