Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Style with Pink Blush Part 2: Maxi Dresses

As the title suggests, this is the second installment in our lookbook series for Pink Blush. For this post we decided to dress things up a bit, and we are showing you just a handful of the gorgeous, brightly colored maxi dresses that this fabulous online company offers. They are perfect for Easter, a spring baby shower, a spring wedding... to twirl around the house in when you just need to feel pretty... they're basically great for any occasion...

Now obviously Sandy (of Sandy A La Mode) and Cecilia (of Dearest Lou) are not pregnant, so they chose their dresses from the women's line and they each look positively stunning. I'm loving Sandy's fabulous necklace, and Cecilia's choice of a blazer is on point. Fatima (of Les Dedrickson) and I are both wearing the same style of chiffon color-block maternity maxi, but we mixed it up with the colors. I love this dress. It is cool (and I mean that literally, which is a huge bonus for preggos now that it's getting warmer) and effortlessly pretty. It doesn't need much in terms of accessories--the vibrant colors speak for themselves. They just restocked this particular dress and it also comes in mint or yellow so hurry on over! Because, if there is one thing I have learned about Pink Blush, it's that there clothing is extremely popular and everything sells out really fast.

I for one am just really excited that I have an Easter dress I can wear at 38 and half weeks that will make me feel pretty at church on Sunday! It's hard enough to find clothing that fits, let alone something I love. And of course, I'm also just stoked for the holiday. We explained the Easter bunny to Klair today, and she's dying to see what he brings her on Sunday. She was really happy about the idea of candy in a basket. Go figure. She's also dying to have an easter egg hunt with her cousins. Overall though I will say I think she is most excited about the Easter dress I bought her. She has asked me on several occasions if she can wear it, but I won't let her until Sunday. I can't wait to see her prance around in it on Easter telling everyone how "adorable" she is... because that is her new thing. The last few days she has randomly started telling us "I'm so adorable!" And she's absolutely right. We certainly won't argue.

What plans do you have for the Easter weekend?


Photo Credit: Diana Putnam Photography

Outfit Details (visit the blogs of the other girls to see the full details on their looks!)

Pink and White Color Block Maternity Maxi : Pink Blush Maternity (currently on sale!)
Pink and Gold Statement Necklace : Bohme Boutique (similar)
Rose Gold Watch : Michael Kors
Nude Peep-Toe Wedges : Target (similar)

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